MTM 2023

From November 29, 2023 until December 01, 2023
Shanghai - Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC), Shanghai, China
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

About the exhibition

Founded in 1986, as the oldest metallurgical exhibition in China, it has developed into an international and comprehensive large-scale iron and steel industry chain after more than 30 years of accumulation. Since its inception, the exhibition has received strong support
from China Iron and Steel Association, China Metal Society, China Special Steel Association,China Refractory Industry Association and other industry organizations. At the same time, well-known steel mills and equipment manufacturers participated in many times such as Baowu GROUP, HBIS GROUP, ANSTEEL GROUP, SHAGANG GROUP, JIANLONG GROUP, SHOUGANG GROUP, MAGANG GROUP, JINGYE GROUP, CP-STEEL, SMS, TENOVA, DANIELI, INDUCTOTHERM, NSSMC, GE, Sinosteel, CISRI, CISDI GROUP, CERI, CFHI, TYHI. They use the exhibition as an important platform to promote the brand and expand sales channels.

Follow the market changes, the exhibition new positioning
  • In recent years, low technology and low-end industrial chain, overcapacity and weak demand
  • are the main constraints to the development of Chinese steel enterprises. Therefore, "  Shanghai Metallurgy EXPO " will focus on the application market promotion of
  • automotive plate, silicon steel, bearing steel, gear steel, Marine industrial steel, nuclear power
  • steel and other key high-end products, at the same time, with the intelligent improvement of
  • steel industry equipment, the focus is on steel intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, which is presented through a series of offline activities and online media.
  • On the opening day of the exhibition, a high-level summit will be held on the development
  • status and trend of China's steel industry, industry adjustment and upgrade plan. The National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Iron and Steel Industry Association,
  • China Metal Society and Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute are to be
  • invited to report on the summit.
Product Categories:
Metallurgical technology and equipment
  • Metallurgical raw materials processing (ore, coke, etc.), smelting, continuous casting, rolling, drawing, finishing, zinc coating, tin plating, color, metallurgical furnaces and heating equipment, casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, metallurgy auxiliary equipment, metal processing, metal structure manufacturing, spare parts, metallurgical products, finished products and ancillary products, steel and non-ferrous metal plates, tubes, profiles, bars, wire rod, wire, metal products, metal products, roller, bearing, pipe fittings, flanges
Auxiliary materials
  • Metal anticorrosive coatings, metallurgical chemicals, industrial lubricants, packaging materials, all kinds of application materials
  • Raw materials and processing equipment, production and processing technology and equipment, all kinds of refractory products, industrial ceramics
Carbon materials
  • Carbon material production technology and equipment, various metallurgical carbon materials, graphite electrode
  • Ferroalloy production technology and equipment, all kinds of ferroalloy products
  • Technology and equipment for energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection
  • Technology and equipment for recycling, processing and application of scrap metal;Complete sets of sewage treatment equipment, oil-water separation equipment and treatment agents;Exhaust gas treatment device, fume purification equipment, exhaust gas adsorption device, air purifier, flue gas desulfurization process and equipment, dust removal technology, online monitoring instrument for flue gas, clean coal technology, denitrification equipment;Environmental monitoring equipment, coke plant dry quenching device, dust removal equipment (large efficient bag filter) oxygen generator, ventilation equipment
  • Used in metallurgy, thermal processing, mechanical processing, refractory production and other aspects of electric equipment, electronic control and electronic testing equipment, data processing technology and instrumentation
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Shanghai - Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC), Shanghai, China Shanghai - Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC), Shanghai, China


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