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Taiwan Outdoor Show 2021

From November 05, 2021 09:30 until November 08, 2021 18:00

"Taiwan Outdoor Show" is the only domestic Outdoor leisure products exhibition

With high mountains and surrounded by the sea, Taiwan is endowed with unique outdoor activity fields, and in recent years, the population engaged in outdoor activities in China continues to grow. The Taiwan Outdoor Show, which is expected by the large Outdoor community, will be exhibited at the Nangang exhibition hall in Taipei.

"Taiwan Outdoor Show" is the only domestic Outdoor leisure products exhibition, the exhibition site will become the most abundant and complete Outdoor leisure products display platform, is all Outdoor players and manufacturers most look forward to the annual event. Exhibition is a combination of commodity procurement, outdoor knowledge, and experience three elements, in addition to the venue has many outdoor products manufacturers outside the exhibition, the organizer has arranged the lectures of talent and on-site experience activity, let people experience can be obtained from the exhibition, teaching and equipment purchase complete service, give people in outdoor activities, guidance and opportunity.

Product Categories:
  • Outdoor Apparel
    Functional Fiber, Hat, Outdoor and Mountain climbing sports, accessories
  • Camping
    Sleeping bags, Camping equipment, Tents, Outdoor- and Mountain equipment, Camping accessories, Outdoor- and Mountain garments, Outdoor apparel, travel and camping gear, flashlights and bottles, Outdoor- and Mountain climbing sports, accessories
  • Bike Sport
    Motorsport, accessories, Riding wear, Riding equipment, bicycle computer, bike frames, and parts, bike accessories, bike athletic, bike care product, bike clothing
  • Water Sport
    Diving equipment, Water skis, Boats, Bathing and beachwear, Wet suits for divers, Water-skiing garments, Boating outfits, Maritime sportswear, Bathing shoes, Boating footwear, Swimming accessories, Diving accessories, Boat accessories
  • Outdoor Footwear
    Riding boots, Outdoor and Mountain boots, Fishing boots, Golf shoes
  • Sports Fashion & Accessories
    Outdoor Fashion, Golf equipment, Golf clothing, Golf accessories Casual shoes, Rucksacks and bags, Sports and sunglasses, Sports watches, Shoe accessories, Fashion accessories, Handwarmer, Foot warmer, Cooling textiles, Headphones, Action cameras
  • Others
    Motocross clothing, Paragliding shoes, Aerial sports, accessories



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