China(Nanjing) International Wine and Food Fair(Sugar and Liquor Food Fair) 2023

China(Nanjing) International Wine and Food Fair(Sugar and Liquor Food Fair)
From August 10, 2023 until August 12, 2023
Nanjing - Nanjing International Exhibition Center, China
+86-25-5233 0716
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

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2017 China trade group to accelerate the layout of east China, the development of Jiangsu market. China(Nanjing) International Wine and Food Fair (CNWFF), co-sponsored by Jiangsu alcohol industry association and China trade group, kicked off at Nanjing international exhibition center. The first Nanjing sugar and wine fair were very successful, attracting nearly 1,000 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, planning international wine exhibition area, comprehensive wine exhibition area, Jiangsu wine association group exhibition area, food, and beverage exhibition area, Taiwan food group exhibition area, food packaging machinery exhibition area. According to incomplete statistics, over 40,000 person-times of professional visitors came from all over the country in the three days of the exhibition, and the turnover reached 2 billion in the three days.


Domestic and foreign delegations:

CNWFF attracts enterprises from 23 countries and regions. Representative among them has: the Australian pavilion pavilion pavilion, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain pavilion pavilion pavilion, north Korea, South Korea and other countries group exhibition pavilion, mainland, Taiwan, China pavilion, and group participation, 25 provinces and cities in Shanxi Province business hall, business hall in Heilongjiang province, Jilin business hall, Guangxi department of commerce, the letter of Hainan province, Inner Mongolia, Fujian Zhangzhou government delegation.


Well-known enterprises at home and abroad:

CNWFF has attracted the participation of domestic and foreign well-known enterprises, and some enterprises have participated in the exhibition for several times. Liquor class representative enterprises include: maotai, wuliangye, yanghe, for this reason, shuanggou, qianlong jiangnan, Jane, ancient, maotai, wuliangye, jiannanchun, shui jing fang, the platform, fenjiu, rice fragrant flowers, west chicken, Dong Jiu, xi wine, maotai alcohol, yellow crane tower, luzhou laojiao (a kind of daqu liquor), guizhou alcohol, ilham tohti, Beijing spirit erguotou, hengshui is tempting, drunk wine, liuyang river wine, and other famous enterprises to attend;Grape wine representative enterprises include: Fiji, LAN trade, long xin lang international, julianne, erna LFFO/lai fort, SAN zhi, Wells, Louis lafite, DEAHO, villa phil baron, yue castle, the Great Wall, cofco, tonghua wine, Great Wall wine, shangri-la, dynasty, veyron, yunnan red, heavens, HARVEST, HARVEST dragon seal, purple hin industry well-known enterprises such as participant;Representative food enterprises include: jinguan China, Dali garden, donga e-jiao, panpan food, wangwang food, good charge, guangdong wenshi, shuanghui herun, jinluo, xiwang food, weiwei shares, zhongpin food, leading food and other well-known enterprises attended the conference; Representative dairy beverage enterprises include: bright dairy, wanglaoji, JDB, wahaha, huiyuan juice, dongpengte, tongfu bowl porridge, and other well-known enterprises.

Exhibition area:
  • Wine exhibition area;
  • Wine and spirits exhibition area;
  • Food exhibition area;
  • Beverage exhibition area;
  • Seasoning exhibition area;
  • Packaging and machinery exhibition area;
  • Group exhibition area;
  • Media, association and other exhibition areas;
Product Categories:
  • food:
    All kinds of snack food, puffed food, convenience food, green food, canned food, quick-frozen food, health food and so on
  •  Drinks:
    All kinds of liquor, wine, beer, health wine, health wine, yellow rice wine, fruit wine, foreign wine, spirits, imported wine, etc.
  • Drinks:
    All kinds of nutritive drinks, tea drinks, dairy drinks, carbonated drinks, fruit juice drinks, fruit vinegar drinks, mineral water, pure water, soda water, etc.
  •  Dairy products:
    Fresh milk, yogurt, soy milk, milk powder, all kinds of milk drinks and students' milk, baby milk powder, health milk powder for the aged, cheese, desserts, whole milk powder, formula milk powder and other dairy products;
  •  condiments:
    Various soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, vinegar, jam, sweet sauce, chili sauce, pickles, cooking wine, sesame oil, hot pot soup material, base material, seasoning package;
  •  Packaging and processing machinery:
    Specializing in a variety of packaging machinery, inkjet machine, edge sealing machine, food processing machinery, filling machinery
  •  Baking:
    Raw materials, processing and packaging equipment, baking high-end drinks, etc
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Nanjing - Nanjing International Exhibition Center, China Nanjing - Nanjing International Exhibition Center, China


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