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Guangzhou International Electric Heating Technology & Equipment Exhibition 2021

From December 04, 2021 until December 06, 2021
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Guangzhou International Electric Heating Technology & Equipment Exhibition


Since 2005, as the first professional exhibition in the heating industry in Asia

Since 2005, as the first professional exhibition in the heating industry in Asia, it has successfully built the most complete one-stop trading and purchasing platform for the heating industry. After 14 years of global promotion and brand accumulation, Guangzhou electric heat exhibition has developed into an influential, large-scale and top-level event in the industry. It focuses on the promotion of new products, new technologies, new processes, new materials, promotes the application of four in one new model, is committed to exhibitors, visitors, investors to expand the focus of the target market.


Guangzhou electrothermal exhibition by Guangdong household electrical appliance industry association

Guangzhou electrothermal exhibition by Guangdong household electrical appliance industry association, the Guangdong Hong Wei international exhibition group united at home and abroad more than 20 countries, 50 professional associations, the media and authorities presented together, for more than 300 from more than 10 countries of the world's best-known brand building industry business communication, business development, enhance the brand value and show the best of the latest technology platform. The partners of Guangzhou electric heating exhibition are all over the world. Every year, the electric heating industry organizations from all over the world gather in Guangzhou electric heating exhibition. Participating in Guangzhou electric heating exhibition means to join the cooperation network of global electric heating industry and gain incomparable competitive advantages.

Product Categories
  • Electric heating appliances, industrial heating equipment

Industrial electric heater, explosion-proof electric heater, electric heat tracing system, electric boiler, electric heating oil furnace, furnace, resistance furnace, induction furnace, vacuum furnace, electron beam furnace, electric furnace, in furnace, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, electric water heater, electric heater, rice cooker, deep fryer, boiled eggs, rice cooker, coffee maker, electric kettle, electric heat pan, electric blanket, electric iron, hot and cold water machine, microwave oven, electric oven, induction cooker, dryer, disinfection cabinet, microwave heating equipment, etc.

  • Electrical heat pipe and accessories and materials

Coffee pot tube, electric cooker tube, electric cooker tube, washing machine tube, refrigerator tube, air conditioning tube, electric oven tube, electric iron tube, toaster tube, egg boiler tube and other kinds of water cooker and empty burning heating elements;Single, hot plate, become warped head tube fin radiator, industrial electrical components such as fever circle, electric wire, magnesium oxide powder, ceramic, terminal needle, flange, sealing glue, rubber plug, epoxy resin, magnesium rod, brass, stainless steel pipe, copper coated iron pipe, aluminum pipe, welded pipe, high temperature wire, metal belt, far infrared electric heating materials, PTC heating elements, electric heating plate, electric heating, electric heating plate, electrothermal film, electric heating coil, electric heating rods, electric tracing band, electrothermal film, light electric materials, thermal resistance, electric heating, electric heating core, mica heating tablets, ceramic heating, electric heating castings, thermostat, etc.;

  • Electrical heat pipe manufacturing equipment

Pipe shrinking machine, pipe bending machine, wire winding machine, powder filling machine, automatic pipe welding machine, pipe cutting machine, stretching machine, pipe welding unit, pipe material opening machine, end press, spot welding machine, oil pressure shaping equipment, mesh belt furnace, welding machine, end lathe, short-circuit return lighter, marking machine, spraying machine, electric oven, etc.

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