China Heat Energy Exhibiiton 2023

China Heat Energy Exhibiiton
From August 08, 2023 until August 10, 2023
Guangzhou - Canton Fair Complex, China
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)


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As the most basic and main form of energy utilization and transformation

As the most basic and main form of energy utilization and transformation, thermal energy and heat supply are widely used in industrial, commercial and civil fields. Heat consumption is divided into industrial/commercial heating and residential heating. China's residential market is seasonal, and climate change affects the supply and demand relationship, mainly distributed in the north of China; Industrial/commercial heating market, throughout the country, the total heat consumption by more than 70%, is a major area of heat consumption in our country, especially in the Yangtze River delta, the pearl river delta industry more developed regions, such as industrial heating, heating, and commercial heating, central heating, commercial and residential district heating, heating and the heat consumption of long-term, stable growth. According to the total heat distribution of urban heating industry in China, combined heat and power generation accounts for 62.90%, regional boiler room accounts for 35.75%, and other accounts for 1.35%. At present, the thermal energy and heat industry is in the stage of transformation and upgrading. In addition to conventional fuel oil, coal burning, gas, air conditioning, gas wall hanging furnace, electric heat film, electric heating, air energy, solar energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, and other renewable energy heating forms have entered people's field of vision and made great progress.


China thermal energy technology to the world, promote the global development of thermal energy utilization industry.

The global thermal storage market will reach $12.5 billion by 2025, according to Grand View Research, an international market research firm. China is not only the world's second-largest economy but also a manufacturing and industrial power. With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, the industrial and commercial thermal energy consumption market is very large.19 national party congress explicitly pointed out that, protect the ecological environment is to protect productivity, improve the ecological environment is the development of the productive forces, China the expo will always uphold the "clean heating, heating, energy-saving and efficient wisdom" development philosophy, practice "area" development strategy, let the heat energy and technology of China to the world, promote the development of thermal energy utilization industry globalization.


Heat energy utilization as heating HVAC application hotspot in recent years

Heat energy utilization as heating HVAC application hotspot in recent years, high-profile, heat energy expo more than 80% of the Chinese brands showcase is boiler, combustion equipment, drying/drying equipment, air energy (heat pump drying), biomass energy, solar energy, electric heating, hot water in areas such as product, after a year of preparation, the organizing committee invited the end-user unit of heat energy utilization industry professional audiences at home and abroad, for the majority of exhibitors to provide professional platform, with the attitude of the professional achievement of professional brand.


The exhibition scope

1. Boiler, combustion equipment: all kinds of boilers, wall hanging furnaces, burners, auxiliary boiler, and accessories, etc

2. Drying and drying equipment

3. Air energy heat pump and supporting equipment

4. Geothermal energy: geothermal heating technology & equipment, water and ground source heat pump unit, ground energy air conditioning and related accessories

Biomass energy utilization products

6. Solar energy utilization products

7. HVAC, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, air purification, fresh air and supporting equipment

8. Waste heat recovery and utilization

9. Heat treatment and heating: heat treatment and processing, electrical heat pipes, heating elements and related equipment

Water heater, water purifier and supporting equipment

11. Heat exchange, heat dissipation and supporting equipment

12. Intelligent control: sensor, thermostat, controller, actuator and control system

13. Heating and ventilation supporting equipment: testing, measuring instruments, fans, pumps, valves, water supply and drainage, desulfurization/denitration equipment, dust removal equipment, exhaust gas treatment equipment, insulation materials, fire-resistant (fireproof) materials, heat insulation materials, etc

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Guangzhou - Canton Fair Complex, China Guangzhou - Canton Fair Complex, China


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