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China (Guangzhou) International Fire Safety and Emergency Equipment Exhibition 2022

From June 16, 2022 until June 18, 2022
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Categories: Security & Defense

China (Guangzhou) International Fire Safety and Emergency Equipment  Exhibition

To further implement the party's 19 big about "set up public security system, improve the ability of disaster prevention and mitigation disaster relief" requirement, push the fire emergency industry and international cooperation and exchanges in the field of fire emergency, emergency industry association, the association of Guangdong province safety in production by Guangdong, Guangdong province capital, emergency rescue equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance, the China machinery industry group co., LTD., the army's enterprise management group, jointly organized by emerging international China group co., LTD., The exhibition is dedicated to the theme of "the whole industry chain". Through professional BBS and the exhibition, it provides complete solutions for the fire protection and emergency industry and is the preferred platform for Chinese safety industrial enterprises.

Product Categories
  • Fire equipment:

The fire; Fire fighting robots, aircraft, motorcycles, tanks; Personal equipment for firefighters;
Fire pump, fire gun, gun;
Fire detection, warning, life-saving, breaking, plugging, transmission, washing, and other instruments and equipment;
Fire lighting, smoke and explosion removal equipment;
Marine fire fighting equipment; Forest fire fighting equipment; Fire fighting training equipment;
Fire fighting communication command system; Fire inspection and fire investigation equipment;
Extinguishing agent, fire extinguisher and fire extinguishing filling and maintenance equipment;
Fire hose and hose cleaning, drying, binding, repair equipment;
Fire reel, fire hydrant, water pump adapter, and other fire water supply equipment;
Fire protection equipment; Fire detection, alarm linkage equipment, urban fire alarm monitoring network system;
Firewater supply, automatic spraying, water spray, water mist, foam, dry powder, gas;
Fire doors, fire shutter and other fire prevention structure, accessories;
Fire coatings, fire emergency lighting, etc.

  • Emergency equipment and emergency communication:

Large emergency rescue equipment: lifting, excavation, demolition, removal, support and other engineering equipment, urban streets, highways and other areas of obstacle removal disposal equipment, infrastructure repair equipment, zhouqiao equipment;
Emergency transport products: special vehicles, helicopters, seaplane, transport aircraft, search and rescue vehicles, transport vehicles, search and rescue ships, mobile emergency power station vehicles, emergency power distribution vehicles, emergency command vehicles, mobile emergency communication vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, rubber lifeboats;   
Command and emergency system: communication facilities, cluster communication, emergency communication, wireless communication, satellite communication, broadband communication, multimedia communication, desktop communication system, mobile communication, static communication, individual equipment, short-wave data transmission, etc.

  • Medical rescue equipment:

Mobile hospital equipment: folding tents, temporary beds, mobile operating tables, monitors, ventilators, defibrillators, disinfection equipment, oxygen generation and supply equipment, generators, mobile hospital furniture, and other mobile hospital equipment.
First aid equipment: all kinds of first aid kits, stretchers, pneumatic beds, ambulances, fracture fixers, etc.
Rescue drugs: disinfection, anesthesia, hemostasis, anti-infection, rescue medical dressings: medical bandage, gauze, mask, operating gown, wound paste, cotton ball, medical gloves, surgical protective film, medical breathable tape, adhesive, dressing, medical catheter, disposable syringe, infusion set.

  • Safety equipment:

Safe production environment protection products: anti-static hazard products, dust prevention, toxic purification products, anti-explosion and fire prevention products, anti-cutting, collision, collision products, anti-corrosion products, anti-combustion and anti-magnetic products, anti-noise hazard products, anti-radiation products;
Personal protective equipment: head protective equipment, eye and facial protective equipment, respiratory protective equipment, hearing protective equipment, hand protective equipment, foot protective equipment, body protective equipment, falling protective equipment.


  • Security and police equipment:

Alarm system video monitoring equipment; Alarm system entrance and exit control equipment; Linkage equipment and firepower supply;
Intelligent building intercom (visual) system; Vehicle burglar alarm system; LCD Mosaic large screen display system,
Multimedia video processing technology, multimedia network application technology, etc.Access control, one-card, parking management system;
Patrol inspection system, security door, bulletproof composite glass; Fire doors, fire shutter and other fire prevention structure, accessories;
Police equipment, police vehicles, criminal investigation equipment, radio intercom; GPS satellite positioning system;

  • Traffic safety products;

Anti-counterfeiting technology;
Intelligent public broadcasting;
Fire emergency lighting and lightning protection products;
Its technology and products.

  • Industrial explosion-proof products:

Explosion-proof motor; Explosion-proof electric pump; Explosion-proof power distribution device;
Explosion-proof switch, control, and protection products.

  • Road traffic safety products:

Traffic rescue vehicles and traffic command and handling equipment;
Traffic safety equipment and intelligent traffic management technology;
Traffic information and communication system.


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