Miniatura - The Dolls House Show 2023

Miniatura - The Dolls House Show
From September 30, 2023 until October 01, 2023
Coventry - NAEC Stoneleigh, UK
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)
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How time flies! It’s now almost seven weeks since the Miniatura Show at Stoneleigh. I imagine everyone has been busy completing orders and commissions and building stock back up for their next show. As pointed out in my last blog, the Autumn Show was a great success...

June Ashton–Mears is one of our Miniatura visitors. We had a great chat about her full-size dress making skills. She is a specialist in Victorian clothing, giving people an understanding of how it was to wear Victorian clothes. We are aware of many miniaturists.

What a show! If the comments the Miniatura team have received are anything to go by, the Stoneleigh Autumn Miniatura was a super success with exhibitors and visitors alike loving the venue, the atmosphere and the facilities. As Andy has already pointed out, we had 93...

It's amazing how fast time goes! It has been almost seven weeks since Stoneleigh's Miniatura Show. Everyone must have been busy with orders, commissions, and stock building for the next show. The Autumn Show was, as I mentioned in my previous blog, a huge success.

People love small worlds. Something inside them is attracted to this'miniature realm'.

Miniatura was founded in 1983 to allow miniaturists to come together and share their hobby. Miniatura was created to be a place where collectors and craftspeople could come together and share their passion for miniatures. This sentiment has always been a core value of the show's organisers. Miniaturists love it, and even though we are now at the National Exhibition Centre, our mission is to promote and grow this hobby.

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Coventry - NAEC Stoneleigh, UK Coventry - NAEC Stoneleigh, UK


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