Ningbo International Fashion Fair 2022

Ningbo International Fashion Fair
From November 11, 2022 until November 14, 2022
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)


Ningbo Fashion Festival was established in 1997. In 2019, it was renamed Ningbo Fashion Festival.

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IFFAIR --- Annual Grand Ceremony
Brand Exhibition: NINGBO INTERNATIONAL FASHION FAIR, a classical brand exhibition, is co-hosted by Ningbo Municipal People's Government, China National Textile and Apparel Council and China National Garment Association and so on…
Access to the world: IFFAIR covers products from garment machinery, textile, accessories, and garment and so on within the garment industrial chain.
Resourceful Platform:IFFAIR has managed to make full use of resources, capital and information of the garment industry, attracting exhibitors, purchasers, investors, and service providers from all over the world. Thus, it has set a great platform for garment industry-related international trading and cultural exchange.
To form a platform:IFFAIR fully displays the latest development and trend of the garment industry, attracting lots of professional visitors and dealers each year. It aims at helping build enterprise image, promote of cooperation and trade, know of the latest trend of the industry, nurture brands and build a golden bridge between the demand and supply.
Solid Combination: IFFAIR is persistent in improving its quality, developing into a larger scale, and possessing stronger ability, and has successfully combine actual IFFAIR, online IFFAIR, plane IFFAIR, IFFAIR in the air, and video IFFAIR all into one.

Brief Introduction
NINGBO INTERNATIONAL FASHION FAIR, IFFAIR for short, is listed as a certified A-level exhibition by Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, one of the most influential expos in China and part of Ningbo International Fashion Festival. 
With "Public Fashion; International Flavor" being its subject, with "To develop Ningbo into a national city famous for its garment industry" being its objective, and with "To be more internationalized, better developed, more professional and market-related" being its guideline, IFFAIR is to make Ningbo an important base for garment production, a center where garment related business gather together and frequent technology exchanges take place, and an opening window for release of the latest trend in the garment and fashion industry. 
The garment and fashion industry in Ningbo is sure to exert more influence throughout the world by way of products display, fair trading, industrial cooperation, technology exchanges, trend release, and forums, etc. to be carried out on IFFAIR.
Ningbo is home to "Hong Band Tailors" --- a group of people famous for garment production, the origin of modern garment industry in China, and the place where the first piece of suit, and the first Sun Yat-sen's uniform/ Chinese Tunic Suit were made and where the first book on suit tailoring was published. 
Now Ningbo has developed into the biggest base for garment production and a favorable base for famous brand nurturing and exportation, and boasts more than 3,000 enterprises proficient in garment production. Each year we are to witness that up to 1.5 billion clothes and suits are made, accounting for more than 13% of the total production volume nationwide. In the Year 2006, the export value of textile and garment in Ningbo reached more than USD 6.32 billion, boasting a growth of 27.4% in degree as compared to the value in 2005. 
With the development of the garment industry, a number of enterprises are winning their unshakable status in the very industry in China. Till now, 7 garment brands in Ningbo, including Youngor, Shanshan, Romon, Tonlion, Rouse, Peacebird, and Progen have been certified as Chinese Famous Trademark, 16 brands like Giant Eagle and AIYIMEI have been granted as China Top Brand, and 7 export-oriented brands have won great support from Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China.

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Venue Map and Hotels Around

Ningbo - Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, China Ningbo - Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, China


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