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Information & Communication Technology Show 2021

From December 01, 2021 until December 05, 2021
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Categories: IT & Technology

The Information & Communication Technology Show

Information & Communication Technology Show, as one of the professional exhibitions of China international industry expo, focuses on the innovation, integration and application of new generation information and communication technology in the industrial and commercial fields.

Depth information exhibition (ICTS) is focused on the "Internet industry", highlighting the interconnection of a new generation of all things under the information technology development trend, industry traditional Internet key technology manufacturing fully connected to people, machine, objects, from the hottest frontier of technology innovation, to the application of industry information system solutions, and intelligent terminal products and typical cases, presents diverse digital and intelligent development scenarios.

During the same period, the exhibition will hold several technical exchange activities and industrial development BBS focusing on hot topics such as "identification analysis", "industrial security", "data intelligence and platform application", "Internet of things", "5G", "smart city", "integrated circuit", "industrial design" and "industrial innovation investment".

Considering as a national-grade exhibition platform proved by China state council in China, ICTS aiming at connecting China supply and demand ICT market efficiently; creating a resourceful networking channel between enterprise and Chinese government; and offering a one-stop platform for ICT company to launch the new technology/product, branding, trading and communicating with potential clients, suppliers and venders.

ICTS is an interface between present and future, she adopt herself to the Global ICT market trends constantly. we refine our concept and create a transparent, user-oriented line-up. “Smart Manufactory(Industry Internet & Industrie 4.0)” and “Smart city 2.0” will be defined as show topics and the technology implement will be focused on “Cloud Computing”, “Big Data”, ”IOT”, “Mobile Internet”, ”Information Security”, ”Software and IT services”, ”Electronic Manufactory” etc. Product/ technology display on the show will demonstrate how the advanced Information technology makes positive efforts upon all level of city life.

Information & Communication Technology Show display product like Telecom Products & Equipment. Giving companies and user a chance to see the latest technological action, assess policies, evaluate partnerships, and network with the worldwide ICT industry.

Product Categories:

  •  Industrial Internet &Industrie 4.0
  •  Artificial Intelligence
  •  Cloud Computing&Big Data
  •  IOT & Sensing Technology
  •  Edge Computing
  •  Communication & Network
  •  Information Security
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Smart Space
  •  Digital Factory

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