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BuildEx China 2022

From June 08, 2022 until June 10, 2022
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As one of the key sectors of WieTec, BUILDEX CHINA (SHANGHAI) gathers over 500 leading enterprises in the pipeline system, domestic hot water system, building water drainage system, and sponge city system and displays over 10,000 high-quality products and equipment. With a variety of summit forums, industry conferences, and procurement symposia, we connect upstream and downstream enterprises in the building water supply and drainage industrial chain. BUILDEX CHINA (SHANGHAI) provides industry insiders with a large platform for technological exchange as well as trade and commerce.

In recent years, Building water supply and drainage industry is developing faster because of the fast development of new urbanization. A large demand for building materials and equipment has come out, which is more focused on energy conservation and environmental protection. Meanwhile, secondary water supply rebuilding is also an essential infrastructure construction project, there are also large demands for building materials and equipment in this field.


Product Categories:
Building Water Supply Equipment
  • water pump
  • feed-water tank
  • concealment type cistern
  • pressurized
  • water supply equipment
  • water treatment equipment
  • water processor
Building Drainage Equipment
  • sewage pump
  • domestic sewage treatment equipment
  • reclaimed water equipment
  • single stack drainage systems
  • the roof rainwater collection device
  • the drainage system of the same floor
Metallic Pipes & Pipe Fittings
  • thin-wall stainless steel pipe
  • thick-wall stainless steel pipe
  • stainless steel vessel
  • copper pipe
  • clad pipe
  • cast iron pipe
  • anti-condensation
Plastic Pipes & Pipe Fitting
  • PPR
  • PVC
  • PE
  • PB
  • AGR
  • PE-X
  • PE-RT
  • ABS
  • PAP
Sponge City System/Pool Filter
  • rainwater drainage system
  • rainwater storage system
  • rainwater purification system
  • linear drainage system
  • pool disinfection equipment
  • thermostat
  • pool fittings
  • waterscape equipment
  • fountain equipment
  • vibration isolation components
  • shearing rubber vibration isolator
  • rubber vibration pad
  • spring shock absorber
  • flexible rubber joint

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