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China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition

From September 20, 2019 09:00 until September 23, 2019 18:00
Categories: Auto & Motorcycle
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Motorcycle industry in China after 30 years of development history, through the whole of the market of the formation, development, peak and decline the four times, the industry reshuffle acceleration, to transformation and upgrading, in addition to competition in the market itself, with the improving of the environmental protection standard of China and the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, preferential policies and the government has introduced environmentally friendly products, the future energy conservation and environmental protection will be motorcycle technology point and development direction, the motorcycle industry will be developed in the direction of environmental protection, intelligent, LianWangHua, China's motorcycle industry is facing many new opportunities, will travel service industry transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligence. Due to the upsurge of domestic consumption upgrading, consumers' concept changes, and people are more in pursuit of individual lifestyle and tend to choose motorcycles with larger displacement, stronger performance, more fashionable appearance design and higher technology content as leisure and entertainment tools. Large displacement motorcycle demand will increase year by year, enterprises will pay more attention to the large displacement motorcycle market, more enterprises will increase the research and development of large displacement motorcycle, launch more models. At present, international brands have focused on the Chinese market as a strategic focus, constantly upgrading traditional models and introducing the latest models, at the same time, they also put more efforts into technology. At the same time, the technical level of Chinese brand motorcycle products is constantly improving, domestic large displacement motorcycle gradually taking shape. The exhibition will follow the market trend of personalized and entertainment, and on the basis of displaying traditional motorcycle complete vehicles and parts, continuously enrich the exhibition level of motorcycle culture, innovate the exhibition form and optimize the audience experience. In addition, the exhibition also continued to absorb represents the green energy saving, environmental protection, such as innovative technology for the future development direction of small displacement motorcycles, electric cars and other innovative products, power enterprises bigger and stronger, to provide more value, affiliated to further consolidate the expo, China, as a industry brand display platform, product trade platform, technical communication platform and authoritative information release platform in the industry.

Product Categories 
  • All kinds of the motorcycle into the car: general motorcycle, large displacement motorcycle, off-road motorcycle, special motorcycle, custom car, tricycle, all kinds of new energy into the car
  • Motorcycle parts: motorcycle engine, frame, shock absorber, brake, wheel hub, sprocket, chain, tire, oil tank, muffler, electric parts, lamp, lock, cover, and other motorcycle parts
  • Motorcycle culture products: motorcycle clothing and appliances, helmets, motorcycle travel and sporting goods, models, ornaments, modified accessories, motorcycle clubs, motorcycle travel services
  • General fuel engine: general steam (diesel) engine, generator set, water pump set, multi-function agricultural machinery
  • Motorcycle maintenance supplies: motorcycle production and repair equipment, repair tools, lubricating oil
  • Motorcycle technology and service products: industrial design institutions, publications, technical achievements

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