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Franchise Business Expo 2023

From January 12, 2023 until January 14, 2023

Official Website https://www.frax-expo.jp/ja-jp.html

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Franchise Business Expo

FRAX TOKYO | RX Japan Co., Ltd.

What is FRAX TOKYO? Exhibition for business diversification, independence and opening. 15 seminars held simultaneously in the venue!. Featured content. Those considering exhibiting. Venue view (last time 2021). Interview with exhibitors (previous 2021). Visitor Interview (Previous 2021). Visit award coupons. Special SponsorIng Enterprises. Media Partners Companies. Exhibitions held at the same time. Please click here to request exhibition materials and invitation tickets. About the organizer. Japan's largest trade fair organizer. Rx Japan Philosophy. RX Japan's "No Inundation" Constitution. In accordance with this Constitution, the number of visitors will be strictly tallied.

At large-scale trade fairgrounds such as Tokyo Big Sight, Makuhari Messe, Intex Osaka, etc., we regularly hold 84 international trade fairs* in 34 fields a year over various industries such as jewelry, glasses, publishing, electronics, energy, IT, medicine and biotechnology. *Composition exhibition Total is 357 exhibitions.

1. Attract overwhelmingly many buyers for business meeting purposes. 2. We will attract many influential buyers from overseas. 3. We will make honest presentations without inducing the number of visitors. 4. We will gather a large number of exhibitors from overseas. 5. Create a trade fair where exhibitors can make money. 6, We will continue to develop the know-how of trade fair success and always increase the value of the trade fair.

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