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China (Beijing) International Buddhist Items and Supplies Expo 2022

From July 01, 2022 until July 04, 2022
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China (Beijing) International Buddhist Items and Supplies Expo

China (Beijing) International Buddhist Items and Supplies Expo (Beijing buddhist expo) will be held in China international exhibition center (sanyuanqiao hall).The exhibition will continue to adhere to the "carry forward traditional Chinese culture, promote social harmony and development" of the purpose of the exhibition, focus on the industry to create a set of buddhist supplies circulation, buddhist cultural exchange and traditional culture learning as one of the high-end platform.Relying on the strong cultural atmosphere in the capital, the exhibition will focus on the display of buddhist statues, aloes and incense utensils, healthy vegetarian food, zen tea and other cultural and artistic products, so as to create an expo with unique cultural connotation in China.


With nearly two dozen themed activities during this period

The Exhibition area of Beijing Buddha expo will exceed 40,000 square meters, and more than 1,000 enterprises are expected to participate.With nearly two dozen themed activities during this period, tens of thousands of visitors present can experience, listen to, appreciate and comprehend the profound buddhist cultural pageant.


Both sides of the straits buddhist supplies enterprises again hand in hand to display the statue of Buddha art

Both sides of the straits buddhist supplies enterprises again hand in hand to display the statue of Buddha art.From Taiwan, fujian, zhejiang, guangdong and other provinces and cities, tens of thousands of pieces of wood carving, clay sculpture, copper casting, stone carving, birth and other large and small Buddha and altar, glass lamp, temple supporting products will vividly convey elegant Chinese zen style.


More than 82,000 visitors from 17 provinces and cities in north China

More than 82,000 visitors from 17 provinces and cities in north China, including hebei, shanxi, liaoning and Inner Mongolia, were present at the exhibition. Among them, 5,300 monks came from temples in 10 provinces and cities in north China, including Beijing, hebei, shanxi, henan and Inner Mongolia.At the same time, the new temples in the north, the preparation of the temple also invited the relevant person in charge of the exhibition for circulation.


Product Categories:

1. Buddha statues: wood carving, stone carving, porcelain, bronze statue, resin, matte gold, jade carving, amber, crystal, raw lacquer, Buddha painting, etc.;

2. Incense: thread incense, bamboo horn incense, slight smoke incense, Indian incense, material incense, spice incense, high incense, incense incense, incense tower, incense, incense, incense making equipment;

3. Buddha tools: niches, sacred buildings, Buddha beads, wooden fish, bronze pan, wax table, incense burner, vase, tribute plate, water purification cup, worship mat, buddhist prayer machine, stupas, incense canister, pot, dharma implement, electronic buddhist scripture, gold and copper pot, gold bucket, jubao bucket, family buddhist hall, etc.;

4. Candles: craft candles, smokeless candles, lotus candles, candle fights, crystal candles, ghee candles, ordinary candles, etc.;

5. Palace and temple articles: drum, bell, palace lamp, temple decoration, classical furniture, museum display cabinet, etc.;

6. Lamps: Buddha lamp, lotus lamp, electric candle lamp, oil lamp, lamp oil, electric incense, etc.;

7. Sangha embroidery: sangha shoes, embroidery products, virga house series, auspicious embroidery bags, buddhist hall decorations, etc.;

8, paper products: gold paper, gold ingot, yellow paper, paper products, etc.;

9. Buddhist calligraphy and painting audio and video: Buddha, landscape painting, buddhist calligraphy, sutras, New Year paintings, Musical Instruments, buddhist sutras audio and video, etc.;

10, buddhist supplies and tantric supplies: buddhist crafts, religious crafts, kaiguang ornaments, geomantic mascot, auspicious gifts, day beads, green/white tara, thangka, hanging ornaments, sachet, prayer wheel, etc.


Scope of aloes exhibits:

1. Introduction of aloes industry, research and development institutions and projects;

2. Aloes products and crafts: aloes logs, all kinds of incense, linincense, small pan incense aloes powder and aloes furnishing articles, hanging ornaments, carving, hand strings and other crafts;

3. Incense utensils: incense taking tools, incense making and processing tools, incense tasting tools, etc.

4. Aloes garden art: aloes trees, aloes saplings, etc.

5. Incense derivatives: spices, essence, perfume, mosquito coil incense, incense, etc.


Features galleries

Buddhist articles exhibition area niches and ancient furniture exhibition area temple culture exhibition area

Charity exhibition area vegetarian health exhibition area zen life exhibition area

Zen tea and purple sand art exhibition area


Feature pavilion

South Korea pavilion, Nepal pavilion, Sri Lanka pavilion, Vietnam pavilion, Taiwan pavilion

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