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China (Shenzhen) International Medical Devices Exhibition 2022

From August 17, 2022 until August 19, 2022
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Categories: Medical & Pharma

China (Shenzhen) International Medical Devices Exhibition

Shenzhen international medical equipment fair comprehensive covers include medical electronics, medical imaging equipment, ward nursing and auxiliary equipment, medical dressings, in vitro diagnostic reagents, optics, emergency treatment, rehabilitation care and health information technology products, such as direct and comprehensive service in medical equipment industry from the source to the end the whole medical industry chain, will come from more than 600 to more than 20 countries and more than 30000 person-times of hospital medical device manufacturing enterprise buyers and dealers, agents gather together trading, exchanges

Product Categories

● medical imaging:
CT, DR, a medical X-ray system, ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, magnetic resonance equipment, tumor treatment machine, medical film, and processing system, etc.
● home health care:
Sleep monitor, remote eg, blood pressure, blood oxygen, temperature test, cloud sphygmomanometer, Bluetooth blood pressure, and blood glucose monitoring, wearable medicine and health cabin, etc.
Human health scale: human scale, intelligent nutrition scale, fat scale, body fat scale, height scale, baby scale, physical examination scale, etc.
● diagnostic and therapeutic equipment:
Endoscope system, ent apparatus, dynamic analysis instrument, cryogenic freezing equipment, dialysis treatment equipment, first-aid equipment, etc.
● ward nursing equipment and appliances:
Beds, cars, tables, cabinets, racks, etc.
● disinfection products:
Medical air sterilizer, vacuum sterilizer, ultrasonic cleaning system, disinfectant/agent, etc.
● auxiliary products:
Oxygen generator, ventilator, blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter, thermometer, potential therapeutic instrument, X-ray protective equipment, oxygen production and supply equipment, blood bank equipment, medical data and image processing equipment, rehabilitation equipment, special equipment for the disabled;
● oral medical equipment, orthopedic medical equipment, ophthalmic medical equipment;
● medical supplies and sanitary materials:
Medical bandage, gauze, mask, surgical gown, medical adhesive paste, band-aid, cotton ball, medical gloves, surgical protective film, medical breathable tape, adhesive, application, disposable syringe, infusion set, etc.
● medical informatization:
Medical software, smart medicine, wearable medicine, Internet medicine, mobile medicine, 3D printing, and other medical applications;
● new medical instruments and supporting medical instruments:
High-tech medical products patented medical products and national scientific and technological medical projects;
● surgical instruments, electric knives, and consumables, stapler, suture instrument, suture needle/thread, laser surgical instrument, ultrasonic surgery, etc.
● operating room, emergency room, consultation room equipment and appliances
● intelligent pharmacy overall solution and pharmacy automation equipment; 
● medical door: operating room door, airtight door, ward door, ray protection door, etc.
● medical beauty equipment, microplastic surgery, medical beauty organization management software;

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