Expo Joya 2024

Expo Joya
From June 11, 2024 until June 13, 2024
Mexico City - World Trade Center Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

Preguntas Frecuentes – EXPO JOYA | Organizada por Cámara de Joyería Jalisco

Frequent questions. BUYER HOURS. EXHIBITOR SCHEDULES. When and where will the exhibitions be held? How do I exhibit at JOYA? What is the size of the stands? What is included in the booth rental? What is an institutional setup? Who can I contact if I need a custom design for my booth? When I arrive at the show, what do I do? Can I display other products than jewelry?

JEWEL April 20,24April 9 - 11, 2024Expo Guadalajara | GDL.

JEWEL June 20,24The 11th to 13th of June 2024 CDMX.

GDL: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.*The deadline for registration and entry to the event is 5:00 pm.

Av. Mariano Other#1499, Col. Fracc. Green Valley. Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Philadelphia S/N Col. Napoles Del. Benito Juarez, Mexico City.

Participate in this business meeting by following these steps:.

The space for exhibitions and sales is carpeted and has a simple marquee and signs, as well as two electrical outlets. There are also dividing screens and a simple marquee.

The Organizing Committee will provide you with a standard setup, which includes dividing screens and a canopy.

Any assembly company can help you. You can find a list of assembly companies here if you do not know any.

Request your badge package at the Exhibitor Registry with your ID. Check the information in the package to ensure that nothing is missing. After that, enter the exhibition.

Fashion accessories can be displayed as a complementary item to the main product, which should be jewelry. Jewelry must occupy at minimum 60% of the space on the display.

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Register for tickets or booths

Please register at the official website of Expo Joya

Venue Map and Hotels Around

Mexico City - World Trade Center Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico Mexico City - World Trade Center Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico


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Soy emprendedora pero ya llevo un año y medio comprando y vendiendo joyería por WhatsApp y en Bazares, algunos de mis proveedores son Magola Borman, Inés y Aruzam, siempre estoy en busca de novedades y radico en CDMX. Magola Borman me envío una invitación por WhatsApp, pero no sé si esa foto me sirva para entrar. Tengo notas de compras hechas a Magola e Inés, y mi esposo es él que está dado de alta para facturación, pero está dado de alta en otra modalidad. Con esa invitación de Magola Borman y los datos que le mencioné , ¿podré entrar? ¿O qué debo hacer?
El año pasado no pude asistir, solo asistí en 2021.

Invitation Letter for Visa of Mexico
Dear Sir, I am Aas Muhammad from Lahore Pakistan. I am Gold Smith I want to attend the Expo Joya 2023. Please send me requirements for Invitation Letter for that Exhibition. I am waiting your kind reply.
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