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China (Guangzhou) international logistics equipment

China (Guangzhou) international logistics equipment and technology exhibition exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Guangzhou, China, logistics is the logistics equipment industry in south China the largest international exhibition, exhibition of logistics as a professional, we always stick to the market front, adhere to the advanced ideas of science and technology, innovation and service, based in the southern China market, providing customers with professional and efficient platform for the display. Since it was first held in 2010, the exhibition has been successfully held for nine sessions. The exhibition area has been continuously expanded, the quality of exhibits has been continuously improved, and the number of professional visitors has increased exponentially. It has become the vane for the development of logistics technology industry in south China.


China Guangzhou logistics show will be fully upgraded by Guangzhou buster exhibition co

China Guangzhou logistics show will be fully upgraded by Guangzhou buster exhibition co., LTD and Hanover Milan combining (Shanghai) co., LTD, founded jointly in Hanover Milan HK exhibition (Guangzhou) co., LTD., with both their respective advantages, rich resources, form the aggregation effect, making it the leading Chinese logistics market new dynamics, combining CeMAT global resources, let top international logistics technology together, to the south China market to build a higher quality of display, exchange And cooperation platform.


Product Categories
  • Mechanical handling equipment
  • Warehouse technology and workshop equipment
  • Packaging and order picking equipment
  • Loading technology
  • Material handling technology, warehousing technology, and logistics system
  • Traffic engineering
  • Internal material system and software
  • Logistics service and outsourcing

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