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The 130th Canton Fair will be adjusted from three phases to one phase. The 130th Canton Fair will be held both online and offline for five days (October 15 to 19). 16 product categories in 51 sections will be displayed. The onsite exhibition area reaches about 400,000 square meters, with brand enterprises as the main exhibitors, focusing on creating a high-quality brand exhibition to promote domestic and international circulation. The online exhibition will maintain 60,000 booths and continue to provide online trade cooperation and exchange platform for 26,000 enterprises and global buyers.

You can entrust your Chinese agents to attend the Fair offline!

Offline Attendance Guide

To join the Online Canton Fair. The Official Website's Buyer Guide can help you.

VR Exhibition Hall, VR booth Global Business Matchmaking, and the online fair are Exhibitors On Live. New buyers can register on the official website by filling in just five pieces of information. Regular buyers can log in by verifying their badge or ID(passport) Number. Instead of being divided into three phases, all exhibitors from different industries will exhibit at the same time 24 hours a day for a total of ten days. 16 categories, 50 exhibition sections, shows more than 2.4 million products cover almost all types of Chinese export products. Check the online Exhibitor & Exhibits here.