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Montreal - Montreal, Canada

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Pre-European contact[edit]. Early European settlement (1600-1760). [edit]. American occupation (1775-1776][edit]. Modern history as city (1832-present)[edit]. Neighbourhoods[edit]. English Higher Education [edit]. Higher education (French)[edit]. Transportation[edit]. Societe de transport de Montreal[edit].

Montreal (/.mntri’o:l/ (listen), MUN-tree AWL; officially Montreal in French: [moReal]) is Canada's second-most populous and largest city. It is also the most populous in Quebec. It was founded in 1642, as Ville-Marie or \"City of Mary\". [14] It is named after Mount Royal ([15]), the triple-peaked hill that is the origin of the first Ville-Marie. [16] The island of Montreal is the center of the city. Its name derives from the same source as the city. The city is located 196km (122 mi) east the national capital Ottawa and 258km (160 mi) south of Quebec City, the provincial capital.

The city was home to 1,762,949 people [citation needed] and 4,291,732 in the metropolitan area. This makes it Canada's second-largest and second-largest metro. The official language of the city is French[19][20]. In 2016, 53.7% spoke French at home, 18.2% spoke English at home and 18.7% neither French nor English. [21] 9.4% of the population spoke French, English, and another language at home. The larger Montreal Census Metropolitan Area had 71.2% who spoke at least French at their home. This compares to 19.0% who spoke English. [11] In 2016, 87.4% of Montreal's population considered themselves fluently proficient in French, while 91.4% could use it in the greater metropolitan area. [22][23] Montreal is a bilingual city in Canada and Quebec, with 57.4% being able to communicate both English and French. [21] Montreal, which is primarily French-speaking, is second in the developed world after Paris. [24][25][26][note 1]