Munich - MVG Museum, Germany


Munich - MVG Museum, Germany
Address: Standlerstrase 20, 81549 Munich Germany
Munich - MVG Museum, Germany

Munich - MVG Museum, Germany



MVG operates 176 elevators, 771 escalators and has a 95% availability rate. These systems are under regular maintenance and a TUV inspection to ensure your safety.

SWM will replace 45 elevators in the coming years.

More information on our elevators and escalators can be found here.

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The IsarCardAbo is an affordable ticket for anyone who uses public transport with the MVV.

A subscription to IsarCard9Uhr is an affordable ticket for anyone who uses public transport during rush hour.

Are you a member of the 65+ generation and like to be active?

The annual ticket offers maximum mobility at a minimal price.

All schoolchildren aged 14 and above who travel regularly to school by public transport using the MVV can purchase the IsarCardSchule I, which is a cheap ticket for the entire schoolyear.

All schoolchildren over 15 who travel regularly on public transport with the MVV to get to school, the IsarCardSchule 2 is an affordable ticket that covers the whole school year.

All students, trainees interns, volunteers and interns.

This map will show you the location of every MVG station.

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