Windhoek - windhoek showgrounds, Namibia

Venue Address: Jan Jonker St, Windhoek, Namibia
Official Website: http://www.windhoek.show/
Windhoek - windhoek showgrounds, Namibia

Windhoek Show Society

Welcome to Windhoek Show Society. Event Hosting & Indoor Sports. Halls and Venues Available. The Exhibition Side. VILBARD USIKU President. HARALD SCHMIDT Vice President. DENIS KOCH Board Member. MARTHA HITENANYE Board Member. Berlindi van Eck Board Member. Sigi Losch Board Member. Linea Shaotonhodi Board Member.

The Windhoek Show Society venues can be used for exhibitions and conferences, meetings as well as concerts, weddings and parties.

Our goal is to provide high-value and high-impact experiences for event attendees as well as the people we influence.

Modern 21st Century conference hall, equipped with soundproof walls and wall projector.

For all indoor sporting, wrestling, gymnastics, indoor soccer, hokey and many more.

Shell scheme fixtures and fittings add functionality to your stand. These fixtures can be used to create conversation points ....

It is vital to ensure the safety of our guests and their property at all times.
Windhoek Show Society offers a 24-hour CCTV surveillance system, with security personnel who prioritize car guarding over hall security.

The Windhoek Show Society premises are strategically located, making it an ideal venue. It is close to Maerua Mall and the Windhoek City Centre.

It is important to keep our guests and their property safe at all time. Windhoek Show Society has a 24hr CCTV surveillance sytem, security personnel who prioritise from car guarding to halls security.