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Guangzhou International Robot & Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition - RoboIMEX 2021

From August 04, 2021 until August 06, 2021
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China (guangzhou) international robot exhibition, intelligent equipment and manufacturing technology (hereinafter referred to as RoboIMEX) is the key support guangzhou municipal government, by the China machinery industry group co., LTD., make dimensional platform, full set of industry chain display platform, resources total factor set and docking platform and social participation of industry annual event at an organic whole.RoboTMEX has gradually built an industry ecological chain of interaction and circular promotion between the upper, middle and lower ends, which will provide a resource sharing, complementary advantages and mutually beneficial cooperation opportunity for all participants.

Product Categories
  • The robot
  • Intelligent equipment
  • Machine automation
  • 3 d printing
  • Intelligent terminal equipment

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