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SPS – Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou (SIAF Guangzhou) 2022

From March 03, 2022 until March 05, 2022
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The SIAF exhibition entered the milestone of its anniversary, which was widely recognized by the industry again. This exhibition will always be held in the same period as Asiamold Guangzhou international mold exhibition. It will be closed on March 12th, which will bring one-stop purchasing opportunities for the industrial automation industry, mold, and additive manufacturing in south China. During the three-day exhibition, the number of exhibitors and visitors reached a new high. SIAF and Asiamold have gained a total of 988 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions. The two exhibitions attracted 98,776 professional buyers from 45 countries and regions, including 252 buyer groups, representing a significant increase of 37% over the same period last year. Several brilliant data once again confirmed the leading position of the exhibition in the industry, which shows that the two exhibitions have become a significant business platform in the industry, helping the industry blossom business opportunities.

Currently, the Chinese machine vision market mainly focuses on low-end applications such as electronic and semiconductor testing, drug testing, printing color testing, etc. The development potential of high-end machine vision technology is huge. With the international advanced insists on innovation drive and the intelligent transformation of the "made in China 2025", China formally entered the industrial age 4.0, machine vision, sensor and expanding the function and application of industrial software, using images and machine vision technology industrial automation, intelligent production was will become the nation's industrial investment hot spots.

 In recent years, the degree of automotive electronicalization has been rising continuously, from 40% of the total vehicle cost in 2015 to more than 50% in 2025, from the initial few sensors to dozens or even hundreds of sensors now, thanks to the strong promotion of the automobile industry, the sensor has rapidly grown to a market of millions.
And the consumer electronics led by smartphones will pull the arrival of the sensor market of 10 billion, which is the "second spring of sensors." The 10 billion sensors equipped with each year for billions of smartphones' sales is undoubtedly a huge opportunity.
The coming Internet of things era leads the sensor to reach the Tensor level market. IoT applications, led by wearable devices, smart homes, and smart agriculture, are an important development direction of sensors, especially MEMS sensors. According to IMS Research, the global wearable device market size will grow to 171 million units in 2016, 485 million units in 2018, and the compound annual growth rate of 59% from 2012 to 2018, showing a broad market space.

With the increasing use of electronic products, mobile phones, computers, cameras, and so on, the demand for connectors is also increasing. At present, the top five application fields of connector sales in the world are the automobile, computer, and its peripherals, communication, industrial equipment, aerospace, and military. In contrast, the top five growth applications are consumer electronics, transportation electronics, medical electronics, communication electronics, computers, and peripherals. Connector, as an indispensable part of electronic products, plays an increasingly important role in the diversified functions and modular design of electronic products.
Specifically, the global connector market size had experienced continuous and rapid growth from 8 billion us dollars in 1980 to 16 billion us dollars in 1990 to 34 billion us dollars in 2000 to 45 billion us dollars in 2010. It is expected that the global connector market size will reach 66 billion us dollars in 2015. By 2018, China's connector market will reach 70 billion yuan.

 Intelligent logistics is the use of integrated intelligent technology, make the logistics system in the process of circulation of information, to analyze information to make decisions, make the production products starting from the source is the implementation of tracking and management, based on the Internet of things technology, through the radio frequency identification (RFID), sensor, controller, machine vision technology and automatic DaoYinChe (AGV), stacking machine, conveyor, process automation, informationization and networking equipment for circulation. Intelligent logistics is an important link connecting supply, manufacturing, and customers. It can not only save huge operating costs but also greatly improve logistics efficiency.  

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  • Drive Systems and Components
  • Electromechanical Components and Peripheral Equipment
  • Sensor Technology
  • Control Technology
  • IPCs
  • Industrial Software
  • Interface Technology, Connectivity technology
  • Low Voltage-Switching Devices
  • Human-Machine-Interface Devices
  • Micro Technology
  • Machine Components
  • Robotics and accessories
  • Machine Vision
  • Industrial measurement and instrument
  • Industrial Communication
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