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Shenzhen International Unattended Retail & Supply China Exhibition

From February 17, 2020 09:00 until February 19, 2020 18:00
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Shenzhen International Unattended Retail & Supply China Exhibition


Shenzhen International Unattended Retail & Supply China Exhibition

The world's largest and most influential unmanned retail conference and exhibition was held in Shanghai New Circle Expo Center. The exhibition scale was 36,000 square meters. Nearly 400 exhibitors and innumerable new unmanned retail products appeared in a concentrated manner, which once again caused a sensation in the industry.

Fifty forums and related activities were held on the exhibition site, attracting 100 + media and more than 100 investment institutions.

The unmanned retail Congress had a professional audience of 43,009 people, with the intention of signing a contract totaling 5 billion yuan. 96% of the businessmen spoke highly of the Congress and expressed their continued participation in the next congress.

For exhibitors and spectators to participate in the event more convenient, from 2019, the unmanned retail exhibition will be moved to the Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. The unique geographical advantage and convenient transportation of Hongqiao Business District will attract more industry participants to participate in the event!


Communicate and communicate with the competent authorities of the industry, and timely understand the policies and regulations of the industry.

Show the image of the enterprise and tap the needs of users in depth, improve brand awareness, reputation, and loyalty, reflect the brand value and business returns. To conduct country-to-country trade talks with international and domestic traders, investors, agents, channel providers, and suppliers, exchange skills and seek cooperation.

Meet with senior management and decision-makers in the manufacturing, R&D and procurement sectors of applied industries to showcase the latest product technologies and services.

Grasp the precious opportunity to exchange contracts with the leaders, managers, and technicians of technology research and manufacturer, as well as experts and scholars of scientific research institutes.

 Provide "1-to-1" business customization services for exhibitors and professional audiences, establish partnerships with appropriate agents in the shortest time, and pave a good platform for market development.


Highlights of Exhibition

1. On the basis of the successive success of the two subordinates, we should continue to increase the publicity of the industry and invite potential buyers to come and communicate.

2. A number of leaders of relevant government agencies at home and abroad came to the scene personally.

3. The world's leading unmanned retail-related enterprises gather in China to make a 360-degree comprehensive analysis for their Chinese counterparts.

4. Global 500 + Media, 300 + Investment Agencies

5. The innovative play method of "unmanned retail professional equipment + data sold in the past";

6. Exploration, case, and market of unattended retail superspecies;

7. The development strategies of unmanned retail in different ground in different environments, different scenarios, and different consumer groups;

8. Evolution of unmanned retail professional distribution services and suppliers;


Product Category:

Unattended retail terminal:

1. Unmanned retail stores/convenience stores, unmanned entertainment and leisure services (mini KTV, cinema, gym, massage chair, ballroom, etc.), unmanned catering hall, unmanned gas station, self-service laundry, and related services;

2. Intelligent vending machine (beverage machine, comprehensive machine, convenience cabinet, coffee machine, catering machine, self-service distribution machine, etc.);

3. Open shelves and office retail services.

Unattended retail technology and products:

1. Visual image identification technology, biometric identification technology, target tracking technology, and related AI technology, electronic tag, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, self-service detection and tracking system, commodity information collection technology, etc.

2. Digital stores, smart shelves, smart cabinets, smart shopping carts, smart packaging, service robots, quick bagging facilities, containers, etc.

3. Intelligent cashier and automatic settlement solution; Printing technology and consumables;

4. Big data analysis, consumer image characterization, IoT(Internet of things), blockchain, voice assistant, customer perception technology, commodity perception, passenger flow analysis, etc

Commodities, supply chain

1. Various FMCG products (including food, beverage, beverage, agricultural products, fresh products, etc.), daily provisions, cultural and creative products; Goods distribution services and equipment.

2. Professional supporting services, space design, scene construction, training, recruitment, etc.


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