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China(Guangzhou) International Smart Education and Equipment Exhibition 2021

From November 18, 2021 09:30 until November 20, 2021 18:00
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International Smart Education and Equipment Exhibition

Education comes down to the world's multi-polarization

Education comes down to the world's multi-polarization, economic globalization, rapid progress in science and technology, and increasingly fierce competition for talents. Give priority to education. A strong country must first teach. In order to implement the outline of the national medium and long-term education reform and development plan (2010-2020), the 13th five-year plan for education informatization, the ten-year development plan for education informatization (2011-2020), the action plan for education informatization 2.0 and other documents, we should accelerate the modernization of education with education informatization, and effectively promote future education. Through joint construction and sharing of high-quality educational resources, comprehensive and in-depth integration of information technology and education, promotion of education and teaching, management innovation and integration of schools and enterprises, the sustainable development of education informatization can be realized.


One city breeds one education, one education achieves one city

One city breeds one education, one education achieves one city. Improve and improve the conditions of running schools, accelerate the construction and optimization of schools, and promote the rapid development of education in Guangdong and south China."2019 China (Guangzhou) international intelligent education and educational equipment exhibition" will comprehensively display the new products, new technologies and teaching and research results of education *, and promote the development, exchange, in-depth integration and learning of the education market. We sincerely and warmly welcome colleagues from education circles, educational enterprises and friends from social education circles from inside and outside the district to share the booming educational equipment industry event.


Product Category:

1. Interactive teaching and wisdom education

Tee two platforms, parent-school communication, wisdom education related solutions, cloud, cloud classroom desktop turn, copy and play system, classroom, electronic whiteboard, liquid crystal whiteboard, electronic schoolbag, LED large screen, touch all-in-one PC, high instrument, video booth, high-definition television, intelligent education projection equipment, audio tape recorder, multimedia courseware, multimedia platform, integrated switching platform, education electronics, audio and video solutions and other modern education technology, products and solutions;


2. Innovation and maker education theme exhibition area

3 D printing, 3 d scanner, 3 d printing pen, 3 d printing laboratory construction, 3 d printing course and education solutions, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) teaching and curriculum, the education robot products, robot education courses, teaching, education and children's programming blocks AR \ VR education solutions, innovative science education courses, STEAM education education solutions, all kinds of education content providers and guest solution, etc.


3. Basic education, higher education, and vocational education technology and equipment exhibition area

Teaching instruments and complete sets of equipment, Internet of things teaching equipment, three-dimensional motion capture system and virtual simulation system, popular science education for teenagers, wireless induction technology and equipment, intelligent teaching AIDS, psychological evaluation software and psychological stress-reduction related products, practical training equipment; Teaching programs and outcomes


4. Education and training and franchise exhibition area

Education and training industry project providers, teaching materials, software, products and affiliates


5. Online education application and service exhibition area

Online education institutions and platform, artificial intelligence education platform and solutions, K12 education platform, education resources platform construction, education recorded and broadcast system, online interactive platform, online training system, online examination and intelligent marking measurement system, the teaching quality assessment system, online payment services, video conference system, audio/visual processing, central control system, education cloud technology and application, Internet technology and applications, large data applications and services, course software CD, computer conferencing system and network television, voice recognition system, data processing terminal, various types of programming and application software development, content providers (courseware resources, streaming media, reading, animation, games, music), etc.


6. Smart campus construction and IT infrastructure

The classroom layout design, the wisdom campus solutions, education cloud solutions, digital education cloud classroom, classroom teaching, online cloud storage, cloud and cloud desktop virtualization solutions, mobile terminal solution in campus, campus network system, digital equipment room construction and equipment, digital campus intelligent library equipment, auxiliary teaching support system, network, computer and various types of terminals, virtual studio, the campus television station, computer room UPS system and environmental control equipment for screen, data processing and wireless terminal, network security equipment, etc.;


7. Campus logistics management and safe campus construction

Billing software and management system, the classroom lighting system, economical school construction integrated solutions, green solutions, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment and campus intelligent sports products, air purification, fresh air system solutions, the construction of campus culture and campus overall solutions, video monitoring, campus integrated security solution, high-definition video conference camera, high-definition network camera, video conferencing terminals, intelligent education, campus id, electronic products student id card, smart apparel products, entrance guard system, the campus broadcast system, etc.;


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