Guangzhou - Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre, China

Venue Address: Guang Zhou Guo Ji Cai Gou Zhong Xin, Haizhu Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China
Guangzhou - Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre, China

Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre beside to the Canton Fair Complex. The pavilion is located in Pazhou Island, Haizhu, Guangzhou. The B Pavilion at the Pazhou Exhibition Center in Guangzhou. The exhibition hall has a building area of 258 thousand square meters. Pazhou international procurement center is located in Pazhou Island, Southeast of Guangzhou. Its new facilities will be used on the east side of the Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Centre. Its office buildings and hotels are located on the north-south side. The development of a wide area and a large amount of shared space, and large open space defines the open landscape in the area. It covers a total area of about 110 thousand square meters, its total construction area is 250 thousand square meters, and the floor area is 170 thousand square meters. The purchasing center is divided into two sides: the east side has 18 floors of about 105 thousand square meters, 1-4 layers of the podium, 6 meters high and 18 meters, each floor area is about 12000 square meters, 5-18 floors of the tower, 4 meters high, 18 meters span, and 42000 flat meters per floor area. The west side is 65 thousand square meters of the large private rental exhibition hall. The negative one is 80000 square meters: there are 40000 business supporting centers, logistics areas, catering, equipment, and underground exhibition hall, and the other parts are 1000 parking spaces in the underground parking lot.

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