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International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition 2021

From May 24, 2021 09:30 until May 26, 2021 18:00
(COVID-19 Alert, We advise visitors to check event status with organizers before visiting.)


 International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition

International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition

CHINA MED is one of the most influential exhibitions in Chinese medical instruments and equipment industry, which is co-organized by the Health Department of General Logistics Department of Chinese People’s Liberation Army, China World Trade Center Co., Ltd.and Hui Tong Xing Ye International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd.As the first UFI-approved international medical instruments and equipment exhibition in China, China Med is aiming to become the prevailing exhibition in China's medical instrument and equipment industry, a showcase of world-leading products and technologies, and a platform for the advanced academic theories and practice under the tenet of high-end event and academic authorization.


Famous Brands, Best Choice

♦ Famous Brands, Best Choice,China Med is a specialized, authoritative, and state-of-the-art event where well-known companies can show their latest medical instruments and equipment to the whole world.。
♦ Military Purchase, Huge Contracts,As the designated purchase exhibition for military medical instruments, China Med attracts equipment purchasing directors nationwide to bid onsite and deal on a large scale.
♦ Military & Civil Buyers, Onsite Negotiation,Buyer delegations from military & civil hospitals with explicit demands will be particularly invited by the Organizer to communicate and negotiate with exhibitors during the event.



The last International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition (CHINA MED) was successfully held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing from March 22-24, 2019. The exhibition has the theme which is “Smart Healthcare Enlightened Lives” and has seen as the “Best Platform for Equipment of Military and Civilization Integration”. We are committed to creating an innovative and intelligent exchange display platform for the medical and health industry, combining various authoritative and professional academic forum activities and developing in depth to specialization.


  • 33,500 square meters of exhibition area
  • 601 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions
  • 34,254 professional visitors, 59,131 visits from 40 countries and regions
  • 44 professional academic conferences
  • More than 500 top domestic and foreign experts and academic leaders
  • More than 12,000 professional audiences


Product Category


  • Electrical surgical instruments
  • Nonelectronic surgical instruments
  • Nerve and cardiovascular surgical instruments
  • Orthopedics surgical instruments
  • Radiotherapy instruments
  • Medical imaging device
  • Medical diagnosis and monitoring equipment
  • Respiratory, anesthetized and first aid instruments
  • Physical therapy instruments
  • Blood transfusion, dialysis, and extracorporeal circulation instruments
  • Disinfection and sterilization instruments
  • electrical implants
  • Do electrical implants
  • Infusion, nursing, and protective equipment
  • Infusion, nursing, and protective equipment
  • Ophthalmic instruments
  • Dental instruments
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology assisted reproduction and contraceptive devices
  • rehabilitative appliance
  • Chinese Medicine appliance
  • Medical software
  • IVD
  • Other products without define by CFDA

2. Military health service

  • Wounded and sick after evacuation
  • Emergency treatment and early treatment
  • Health and epidemic prevention
  • Nuclear biochemistry medical rescue
  • Usually health protection
  • Navy medical support
  • Aviation medical insurance
  • Other product types

3. committee

  • Medical imaging equipment
  • Clinical examination and basic equipment
  • Surgery, first aid, clinic equipment
  • Medical electronic, endoscopic equipment
  • Rehabilitation, treatment equipment
  • Stomatology Equipment, Appliances, and Supplies
  • Medical consumables
  • Hospital infrastructure
  • Medical information and software
  • Mobile medical and wearable devices
  • others

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