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Shanghai International City and Architecture Expo 2021

From December 07, 2021 until December 09, 2021

The Shanghai International City and Architecture Expo

The Shanghai International City and Architecture Expo are one of the important activities of "world city day", which has been highly concerned and valued by all sectors of society over the years. It is a fixed brand activity of "world city day", and has become a high-end display platform to display urban planning, construction, and management achievements, and promote enterprise exchanges and cooperation.

Focusing on the theme of "eco-city, green development", the exhibition will face the international, serve the whole country and lead the Yangtze river delta. To "focus on urban water supply security, promote the comprehensive utilization of water resources" as the theme, all-round display of raw water treatment, water purification, pipeline transportation, building water supply and drainage and sewage treatment system solutions, the key to promote the secondary water supply, water, sponge wisdom city and comprehensive utility tunnel construction, building water supply and drainage water saving energy conservation industry development and technology exchange. With the latest technologies, standards and industrial development of the commercial water industry, it provides professional display, communication and purchasing services for water supply and drainage management department, water management department, municipal/architectural design unit, engineering company, waterworks/water department, owner unit, equipment manufacturer, system integrator and comprehensive service provider. We will improve the correlation between the construction of urban water utilities and the demand for refined urban management, and provide water utility services with a greater sense of security for 2035 Shanghai to become an outstanding global city. 

The exhibition highlights
1. Provide urban water utilities with overall and professional solutions

The application, promotion, and demonstration of new technologies in the industry will integrate resources through exhibitions, integrate the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the industry, and provide one-stop overall system solutions for the government.

2. Gaofeng BBS and technical exchange meeting

In combination with the high-quality platform of "city fair" and the advantages of government resources, activities such as "water resources integration solution peak BBS", "urban water environment characteristics and solutions" and "mineralized biofilm sewage treatment facilities and technologies" will be held to enable enterprises to participate in and exert greater value and seek common development with the industry.

3. Leading the trend of scientific and technological innovation and industrial development

The exhibition brings together leading enterprises in the industry as well as the latest technology, cutting-edge products, cooperation opportunities and industry views, which is the best platform to set up the company image and improve the product level.

4. Policy support platform

With the "city fair" held at the same time, enterprises will get valuable opportunities to contact with senior government officials, show the latest products and technologies to urban management experts, and participate in the top-level design of urban construction management.

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