Berufs Messe Zurich 2024

Berufs Messe Zurich
From November 19, 2024 until November 23, 2024
Zürich - Zurich exhibition, Zurich, Switzerland
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

Berufsmesse Zürich | 21. bis 25. November 2023 | Messe Zürich

Zurich Trade Fair. The meeting place for career choices, basic and advanced training. News and highlights. Registration of school classes. Teachers' information event. Parents can take guided tours on Saturday and Wednesday (1 pm) at 2 pm. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Register online for classes by clicking here.

The next teacher information day will be held on 20th November 2023.

Here, the focus is on practical training with a federal certificate of professional competence.

The SME and Trade Association of the Canton of Zurich has a commitment to vocational education.

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Since 2023, students can choose to study "Air hygiene and measurements of energy on combustion systems", or "Maintenance and cleaning ventilation systems".

Do you want to have a career where you can help and support others? The certificate course for assistants in health and social affairs, which lasts two years, is a great introduction to the social world.

The first thing that is considered in the process of choosing a career for a young person is their school performance. There are many other skills needed for success in the workplace.

You are a child care expert and responsible for supporting children in their education, caring for them and providing support. You work closely with parents and the team. Your work helps shape tomorrow's future!

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Zürich - Zurich exhibition, Zurich, Switzerland Zürich - Zurich exhibition, Zurich, Switzerland


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