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International Building Industrialization of Construction Exhibitions Asia 2022

From May 25, 2022 until May 27, 2022
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BIC as one of the most influential business exhibition in China's construction industry, adhere to the "build" of the international leading, technology innovation, community, in order to building industrialization and built-in industry as the core, intelligent manufacturing, digital construction as the theme, deep industry and market segment, make domestic resources and international technology, engineering and trade integration platform for the high-end strategy, become the global construction industry knowledge and window into the Chinese market.

Asia international architectural exhibition of industrialization, assembled global top brands in the field of building industrialization and industrialization is installed inside, focus on architectural design and the software, precast concrete structures, prefabricated steel structure, prefabricated production line, building templates, concrete and cement products, building envelope, built-in system, and integration, through the scene show let more people on the industrial chain of zero distance feeling construction industrialization era, understand China's construction industry here infinite future!

International Building Industrialization Exhibition Asia is an international exhibition which focuses on the urban planning and architecture, engineering design, BIM and related design software, prefabricated structure, precast concrete unit production line, timberwork, modular architecture, etc.

Product Categories:
  • The architectural design
  • Software and systems
  • Building structure
  • Concrete products and chemicals
  • Precast concrete component production equipment and accessories
  • fitting
  • Building envelope
  • Formwork and scaffolding
  • Engineering machinery
  • Urban intelligent infrastructure construction and transportation

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