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Metalworking & CNC Machine Tool Show 2021

From December 01, 2021 until December 05, 2021

Metalworking & CNC Machine Tool Show(MWCS)

China international industry fair will be held in the national convention center (Shanghai), is expected to exhibition area of 280000 ㎡.
Nc machine tools and metal processing (MWCS), is one of the core of Chinese GongBoHui TTF attending exhibition area of 80000 ㎡, is expected to exhibitors more than 600, according to the exhibit categories can be divided into "three area" :
• laser processing & sheet metal stamping technology exhibition area
• metal cutting & additive manufacturing technology exhibition area
• exhibition area for supporting functional parts and peripheral products of machine tools


This event showcases product from Plants & Machinery industry

The professional audience covers automobile, mold, industrial parts, robot, automation, electronic/information communication, metal products, rail transit, aerospace, shipbuilding, medical equipment, packaging machinery, elevator, household appliances, pipelines, power facilities, national defense and military industries.

In the same period, the exhibition will hold several summits and technical exchange activities, such as "China sheet metal intelligent manufacturing summit", "China intelligent international cooperation BBS", "China robot summit BBS" and "China metal cutting high-level BBS".

This event showcases product from Plants & Machinery industry. Machines, Gear cutting machines, Modular machines & modular units, Metal Forming Machine, Non-traditional machining and special purpose machines, FMC/FMS& automatic devices, Machine tool components and auxiliary equipments such as Numerical control systems, machine tool apparatus, Abrasive, cutting tools, tooling, Inspection, measuring equipments.

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karen Rocio Ninanya Inga
Quisiera tener más información acerca de la exposición que se llevara a cabo el 17 al 21 de setiembre del presente año el Centro Nacional de Exposiciones y Convenciones (NECC).
Thouheed Ahmed
looking for lazer and press break machines

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