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China International Power Plants Equipment & Technology Exhibition & Conference

From April 21, 2019 09:00 until April 23, 2019 18:00
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EPOWER is based on the clean and efficient utilization of power and energy

EPOWER is based on the clean and efficient utilization of power and energy, focuses on the entire power industry chain, and links the upstream and downstream of the power industry based on more than ten years of successful operation experience. From energy generation, substation, transmission, and distribution to the terminal equipment and technology, market-oriented, procurement as the center, its comprehensive and professional, regional and international perfect combination, to provide a set of procurement, investigation, exchange in one of the international comprehensive trading platform.

To promote building the healthy development of electrical industry, and promote the building electrical technology rapid progress, strengthening the survey and design units, construction units and the production enterprise of all-round cooperation, promote the construction of electrical research and development of new products, new technologies for the production enterprise, design units and scientific research institutions set up good communication platform of building electrical technology, to develop domestic and international academic exchanges, promote building electrical new design concept, improve the level of the overall design.

At the same time, smart power technology and energy storage industry development and market environment, energy storage system key core technology, energy storage application and business model, improve the grasp of energy storage global development trends and trends, display energy storage enterprises new technology and new products. China electrical equipment industry association, China electrotechnical society, Shanghai energy conservation association distributed energy special committee, co-sponsored by Longo exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD. "building electrical/smart power technology and energy storage exhibition ", the exhibition will be held at the same time as "EPOWER  full electricity exhibition".The last exhibition attracted 1,043 exhibitors from 45 countries and regions, with an exhibition area of 46,500 square meters. The three-day exhibition received 27,662 visitors from 45 countries and regions, including 2,640 foreign visitors. The total number of visitors reached 69,976.

China International Power Plants Equipment & Technology Exhibition & Conference is a 3-day event being held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai, China. This event showcases products like Hydro Turbine Generator Units, Steam Turbine Related Accessories, Hydro Turbine Related Accessories, Steam Turbine Generator, Nuclear Island Equipment, Power Plants Boiler, etc.

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Energy security, Improve energy efficiency is the core of thirteen Five’ energy planning

Energy security, Improve energy efficiency is the core of thirteen Five’ energy planning. Environmental resources and energy savings pressure on the traditional energy industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, The industrial transformation and upgrading will be the backbone of the energy industry.‘Thirteen Five "period, China will build a well-developed modern industrial system. 
1, Coal: Coal speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, promote the development of clean and efficient coal, coal pays more attention to technological innovation.
2, Oil and Gas: The basic realization of the market
3, POWER: Green, Intelligent, Market-oriented, Creating efficient, Intelligent and Secure modern power system, And improves overall system efficiency, economic and environmental level.
4, Thermal power: Installed capacity of rational regulation of coal
5, Nuclear power: Inland nuclear power is expected to come, Our run nuclear power installed capacity will reach 58 million kilowatts, 30 million kilowatts under construction. Nuclear safety requirements will be further enhanced.
6, Hydropower: Large hydropower bases is the key.
7, Wind: Desalination capacity target, focusing on adjustment policies and focus on resolving subsidies, brownouts abandoned wind problem.
8, PV: PV industry in the future to improve efficiency, reduce costs.
9, Biomass: Biomass career ushered in large-scale, industrial development opportunities.
10, Geothermal energy:  Completed the National Ground Source Heat Pump applications with a total area of 700 million square meters. Geothermal power slightly faster growth, achieving 150,000 kilowatts.
11, Energy saving and Environmental protection: More enhanced binding targets, Environmental protection enterprises will be towards a more professional environment service providers direction.

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