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China Shanghai International Super-Capacitor Industry Fair

From August 26, 2020 09:00 until August 28, 2020 18:00
020-8395 3270;139 2617 6040
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In recent years, supercapacitors, as a new type of energy storage device, have gradually emerged in the fields of consumer electronics, electric vehicles, rail transit, power systems, portable equipment, military equipment, etc., and have gained significantly higher recognition in the Chinese market.On the other hand, the inclusion of supercapacitors in the 2016 edition of the catalogue of guidance on key products and services in strategic emerging industries and the official release of the guideline on promoting energy storage technology and industrial development will also help guide social resources to this field.
To sum up, driven by both market and policy, the market potential of supercapacitors is estimated to reach 100 billion level.

Product Categories:
  •  composite supercapacitors, laminated supercapacitors and other products;
  •  ultracapacitor materials, raw materials and additives, such as polar sheet, activated carbon, electrolyte, diaphragm and collector;
  •  supercapacitor production and manufacturing equipment, testing instruments and equipment, etc.;
  •  graphene materials and graphene supercapacitors;
  •  various kinds of supercapacitors applied in industrial and consumer electronics, transportation, elevator energy saving and green energy, and their product demonstrations.

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