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Nashville - Nashville, TN, USA

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Nashville is the capital of Tennessee, and also the seat of Davidson County. Nashville, with a population of 689 447, was the 21st-most populous U.S. city and fourth in the southeastern U.S.[6]. It is located on the Cumberland River[8]. The city is also the heart of the Nashville metropolitan region, which is one the fastest growing areas in the country. [9][10]

The city was named after Francis Nash who was a General of the Continental Army during American Revolutionary War. It was established in 1779. Its strategic location on the Cumberland River, as well as its role in railroad development, helped the city grow quickly. Nashville seceded from Tennessee during the American Civil War. It was the first Confederacy state capital to be captured by Union forces in 1862. The city was able to regain its position and built a manufacturing base.

Nashville has had a consolidated county-city government since 1963. It includes six smaller municipalities within a two-tiered system. A mayor, a vice president, and a 40-member metropolitan committee govern the city. 35 members of the council are elected from single-member district, while five others are elected at-large. Nashville, which is one of three divisions in the state, is the home to the Tennessee Supreme Court's Middle Tennessee courthouse. This reflects the city's role in state government.