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Toronto - Toronto, Canada

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Toronto (/[email protected]’rantoU/ (listen), [email protected]–RON-toh, locally (listen), [email protected][email protected] (listen) or /’[email protected]/[email protected] [12][13][14] Toronto is the capital of the Canadian province Ontario. It is Canada's fourth-largest city and has a population of 2,794,356 as of 2021. The city is the center of the Golden Horseshoe, an urban cluster of 9,765,188 people that surrounds the western end Lake Ontario. [16] While the Greater Toronto Area had a population of 6,712,341 in 2021, the Greater Toronto Area was 6.712,341. [17] Toronto is a global center of finance, arts and culture and is widely recognized as one the most multicultural and cosmopolitan major cities in the world. [18][19][20]

The Toronto area is a wide, flat plateau that has been home to indigenous peoples for over 10,000 years. It is interspersed with deep ravines, rivers, urban forests, and steep hills. [21] The widely disputed Toronto Purchase saw the Mississauga give the area over to the British Crown.[22] In 1793, the British founded York and made it the capital of Upper Canada. The Battle of York took place in York during the War of 1812. It was heavily damaged by American troops. [24] York was renamed as Toronto and incorporated in 1834. It was named the capital of Ontario during Canadian Confederation in 1867. [25] Since then, the city itself has expanded beyond its original boundaries through annexation as well as amalgamation to reach its current area of 630.2km2 (243.3 sq mi).