Wuhan - Wuhan International Expo Center, China

Venue Address: 619 Yingwu Ave, Hanyang Qu, Wuhan Shi, Hubei Sheng, China, 430156 - (Show Map)
Wuhan - Wuhan International Expo Center, China
Wuhan - Wuhan International Expo Center, China

博览城 - 武汉国际博览中心官网-中部展览、会议、活动优选

Introduction to the Center. Wuhan International Expo Center.

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Wuhan International Expo Center, a multi-functional international Expo center with the largest scale and most extensive support facilities in central China, is the Wuhan International Expo Center.

Expo mall combines exhibition, display, and conference, as well as science and technology, business, leisure travel, convention and exhibition and culture as a whole. It serves as the \"city parlor\" in Wuhan, displaying and incorporating items of different nature. It also undertakes the crucial task of Wuhan to develop modern service industries and grow the industry of exhibition and convention as a growth point for new industry.

Expo center's core projects include an exhibition hall, conference centre, InterContinental Hotel and Global (Cultural) Center. The total investment for Expo center is approximately 50 billion. Wuhan International Expo Center is the most popular choice for international conference, exhibition and activity in central China since the core projects were established and put to use.

Wuhan International Expo Center will focus on improving urban conventions and exhibition functions to take urban development as its own goal, promote Wuhan conventions and exhibition industries to rapidly develop with high-quality and reach \"city exhibition hall” in Yangtze River Economic Zone.