Tervola - Tervola, Finland

Venue Address: Keskustie, Tervola, Finland
Tervola - Tervola, Finland

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REST - STRENGTH-RUN - FAST. C.L.M. TRADE FAIR AND EXHIBITION. \"Exhibitions inspire people, generate leads, increase sales and put people and companies together. Talk, promote, invite friends to C.L.M.\" EXHIBITORS-RUNNERS-INTERACTIVE FEATURES-GUEST SPEAKERS-EXPERTS. JUNIORS – DADS – MOMS – KIDS ­ SENIORS — ELITE ATHLETES & ELEBRITIES

Our C.L.M. Our Running Show is a chance to meet brands and producers of sports-related products. This event has never been held in Lapland before. C.L.M. Running Show offers discounts for professional runners, speakers, and celebrities.

The C.L.M. The Running Show is for all runners. No matter how fast or slow you run. Inspirational speakers, celebrities athletes, cutting-edge technology and expert coaches all meet under one roof. This is the largest community meet-up and perfect timing for runners who are training for spring events. Start your season here and run the first Lapland marathon.

Running is something you do as a child, and as an adult it becomes a hobby. Running is something that everyone can do. It doesn't really matter how old you are, what you do or at what speed you run. You can be a runner if you run. It's about having fun, enjoying the support of a great community, and supporting each other in every achievement. By helping you set up each year, we want to help you achieve your goals. Join us!

This section contains over 284 categories. Here are some products and associations to be found at the C.L.M Run Show, trade fair and exhibition. It includes all food, home and medicinal products, as well as a few catergories. There will also be special products and booths.