Jeddah - University of Business and Technology, Saudi Arabia


Jeddah - University of Business and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Address: Al Rawdah, Jeddah 23435 21361, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Jeddah - University of Business and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah - University of Business and Technology, Saudi Arabia

UBT-University of Business and Technology

Holistic Student Experience. College of Business Administration. College of Engineering. College of Advertising. Introduction to Space Law Founding Principles and Latest Developments. How to make the most of your legal education and turn it into a successful career. JCL and The Criminal Exhibition.

UBT creates and delivers transformative learning experiences for students that nurture them holistically and prepares them for work and daily life.

University of Business & Technology (UBT) Jeddah College of Law(JCL) was delighted to host Dr Numa Isnard a space lawyer who has won international awards.Dr. Isnard, an attorney-at-law based in Paris, has extensive experience in telecoms, media and technology (TMT), and regulation of space activities.He founded SPACEAVOCAT in 2021, France's first space law boutique.Dr. Isnard spoke with JCL alumni and students about the fundamental principles of Space Law, and how it will be reformed in the Kingdom.

In cooperation with the Law Club and University of Business and Technology (UBT), the Jeddah College of Law and (JCL) are proud to welcome Prof.

Students of the College of Law, Jeddah were led by Dr. Hani Al Jahdali, its Dean. They visited the Department of Criminal Evidence in Jeddah for a three-day visit to learn more about the departments and their specializations.

UBT University of Business and Technology sponsored a year-on-year Social Innovation Forum 'Sindyan Education 'Education to bring together social project leaders and practitioners from all over the globe to exchange ideas and communicate in the areas of innovation and social investing. It seeks to promote social leadership and provide a platform to learn, share experiences, best practices, and build partnerships between international and regional entrepreneurs to support social ventures and realize the concept of social creativity. His events began this morning at Tayiba University, Al-Munoura. Dr. Abdullah bin Sadiq Dahlan was also the Chairman of UBT University of Business and Technology UBT. The University of Business is now at an advanced stage of its development as one of the top universities. It follows the Kingdom's vision and has a developed perspective that meets market needs and qualifies national staff by welcoming them into a creative and developed environment. This confirms the opening of the first AI university that will allow self-learning.