Nanjing - Nanjing, China

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Nanjing - Nanjing, China

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[edit]. Capital of the Six Dynasties[edit]. Destruction and revival[edit]. Southern capital of Ming Dynasty[edit]. Qing Dynasty and Taiping Rebellion[edit]. Capital of the republic, Nanking Massacre[edit]. Chinese Civil War and People's Republic [edit]. Climate and environment[edit].

Nanjing (/naen'dZING/) [4] Chinese pronunciation: Nan Jing; pinyin Chinese pronunciation: Nanjing (listen),) is also known as Nanking. It is the capital of Jiangsu Province of the People's Republic of China. Nanjing is a district in southwest Jiangsu with a total area of 6,600km2 (2,500 sq mi). It also has a population of 9,314,685 [update 2020]. Its built-up area (or metro), which includes 9 Nanjing Districts (all except Lishui, Gaochun) and Huashan, Yushan Districts, and Dangtu County, Maanshan City was home to 9,648,136 people. Within a few years Jurong District in Zhenjiang, Jiujiang and Jinghu in Wuhu will be conurbated. This will result in a tri-city built up area of 11,910,000. [7]

Nanjing is located in the Yangtze River Delta area. It has a significant place in Chinese history. Nanjing was the capital of many Chinese kingdoms, dynasties and republican governments from the 3rd Century to 1949. [8] This has been a major centre of culture, education and research. Nanjing is also one of fifteen sub-provincial Chinese cities.[9] It has jurisdictional and economic autonomy that is slightly lower than a province. [10] Nanjing was ranked seventh in \"Cities with Strongest Complete Strength\" and second in \"Evaluation of Cities with the Most Sustainable Development Potential in the Yangtze River Delta\". It was also awarded the 2008 Habitat Scroll Of Honor of China, Special UN Habitat scroll of honor Award, and National Civilized City. [11] Nanjing, along with Chongqing and Hangzhou, is a Beta (global 2nd-tier) city classification. It was also ranked in the Global Financial Centres Index as one of the top 100 cities. [13]