Asheville - Montreat Conference Center, USA


Asheville - Montreat Conference Center, USA
Address: 401 Assembly Dr, Black Mountain, North Carolina, 28711
Asheville - Montreat Conference Center, USA

Asheville - Montreat Conference Center, USA

Montreat Conference Center || Located in beautiful Western North Carolina

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Montreat, a non-profit private conference center, is located in Western North Carolina's mountains. It has its roots in the PC (USA). We are a conference centre, a place for worship, a wilderness preserve, among many other things. We bring people together to share God's transformative power and encourage love for the rest of the world.

We host many conferences throughout the year. The topics range from arts and music, youth conferences, continuing education, and more. Check out our highlighted events!

Are you a member of a Church group who would like to spend some time apart? Are you a women's group that wants to bond with one another? Are you interested in hosting a family gathering? We will take the hassle out of hosting, feeding, and setting up space so you can commune with your family.

Sabbath is a practice that invites us all to be still and to know God any day of the week. Many people are too busy with the demands of modern society to even consider taking a few hours off. You can take a weekend or a day off to refresh yourself and build a deeper relationship with God.

Montreat is a lively place! For updates on conferences and other happenings in Montreat, as well as general updates, visit our blog. Below is the latest post.

Montreat Conference CenterPO 969Montreat, NC 28757.

Montreat Conference Center318 Georgia TerraceMontreat, NC 28757.