Montreal - McGill University, Canada

Venue Address: 859 Sherbrooke St W, Montréal, Quebec, H3A 0C4
Official Website: https://www.mcgill.ca/
Montreal - McGill University, Canada

McGill University

Fall 2022 / Automne 2022. To another century of expanding minds. and leading the world forward. A vibrant campus.Made by passion and teamwork. Building a culture of sustainability. From refugee camps to McGill campus. Helping student residences go green. Made to build a fairer world. Three McGill Professors Receive Royal Society of Canada Medals.

A safe, social return to campus / The campuses come back to life, safely.

Students play a big role in making McGill’s campuses greener and more sustainable.

Since 1986, WUSC McGill, a student-run and student-supported university, has sponsored refugee scholars.

The Environmental Residence Council encourages recycling, composting and plant-based meals.

Faculties of Science and Arts are recognized for outstanding achievements in astrophysics and biology.

Facility will help connect seven research stations throughout the Saint Lawrence River Valley to study the earth system.

Recognized for their \"remarkable contributions in knowledge and culture\".

From Sept 19-30, the eleventh annual celebration of Indigenous culture runs.