Montreal - McGill University, Canada


Montreal - McGill University, Canada
Address: 859 Sherbrooke St W, Montréal, Quebec, H3A 0C4
Montreal - McGill University, Canada

Montreal - McGill University, Canada

McGill University

Another century of growing minds. Leading the world forward. Experiential learning. Made by collaboration and determination. Learning beyond the classroom. Engaged leaders. Making a great idea a reality. To build a better world. With support from Quebec, the Vic Project is now at the next level.

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Each year, 250 students from Faculty of Arts take part in internships that enrich their academic experiences.

Undergrads can benefit from fellowship programs that help them develop new skills through action and research.

Students in Engineering and Kinesiology design backpacks that filter water for remote communities.

McGill is pleased to see that the Quebec government has reaffirmed its commitment to the New Vic project in the 2022-2023 budget documents.

Canada's first university joins the global platform for mRNA vaccines and medicine development.

How do we envision the future of space? McGill University will be examining this question during the first week in May.

A tool to help people explore sustainability issues in Montreal.