Yiwu - Yiwu International Expo Center, China

Venue Address: Zong Ze Dong Lu, Yiwu Shi, Jinhua Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 322000
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Yiwu - Yiwu International Expo Center, China

Yiwu - Yiwu International Expo Center, China

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Yiwu International Expo Center can be found in Yiwu City's cultural center, north of Jiangdong Road and east of Zongze Road. It is adjacent to Meihu Convention and Exhibition Center to the west and Yiwu River to the north.

The Yiwu International Expo Center is made up of two projects: the exhibition hall and supporting five-star hotel. The total area of the land is 219m2, the construction area is greater than 296,000 sq. meters, and the investment total is 1.8 billion Yuan.

The International Expo Center's main exhibition hall has two floors above ground. It contains 10 standard exhibition halls, 4 smaller exhibition halls, and a parking area on the basement floor.

The East Hall contains 2 exhibition halls that can accommodate 1,000 booths of international standard. A single hall covers 10,000 square meters.

Yiwu International Expo Center was completed and used. This has made Yiwu a more efficient convention and exhibition center and provided a solid foundation that Yiwu can develop into an exhibition and convention city.

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