Kiev - Kiev Expo Plaza, Ukraine


Kiev - Kiev Expo Plaza, Ukraine
Address: вул. Амстердамська, 1, Berezivka, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine, 08005
Kiev - Kiev Expo Plaza, Ukraine

Kiev - Kiev Expo Plaza, Ukraine

KyivExpoPlaza | Виставковий центр КиївЕкспоПлаза


Through a combination of event formats, digitization, personalization, flexibility, and an environment-friendly approach, creating conditions for the continuous growth and development in the exhibition and event industry in Ukraine as well as the world.

The KyivExpoPlaza events design team is there to assist you throughout the entire process. It leases space for events that can accommodate 1,000-50,000 people and provides a range of services for organizers.

You have the chance to create your best events here.

KyivExpoPlaza now has a convenient transport interchange, Zhytomyr highway, without traffic jams during \"rush hour\", separate cargo entrance and gate, large parking lot for 1,000 cars and underground turn in direction of Kiev. It is located only 20 minutes from the station.

A virtual hostess greets you, and during your performance, your image appears on a movie screen measuring 1200m2. In the next room, a simultaneous multispeaker performance is being given by 10 experts in your field. Their presentations include elements of augmented reality.

The world's best-selling book on its origins is still available. The presentation was held in a large hangar. It created an illusion of nature. There were clouds floating in the night sky, moonlight, hills, trees, and quiet winds. There were hundreds of people, including serious people, who laid down on blankets and pillows. A world-class futurist reveals the entire world to you and makes it seem real. Our pavilion is 9000m2. We are waiting for the brave organizers of extraordinary events. Profile: Unique speakers, inspiring content, intellectual entertainment, and 1000 to 10,000 people.