Rheinberg - Messe Niederrhein GmbH, Germany

Venue Address: Römerstraße 5, 47495, Rheinberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Rheinberg - Messe Niederrhein GmbH, Germany

Messe Niederrhein GmbH

Your multi-purpose hall on the Lower Rhine.

Visitors can find information about directions, parking and events.

Information for exhibitors on events, exhibition halls and contacts.

Information for organizers about exhibition halls, contact people and other possibilities.

Messe Niederrhein is your local multi-purpose hall located on the left bank on the Lower Rhine.

You can find all information about our halls, whether you're an exhibitor, visitor, or organizer.

Our calendar of events is available for you to access from your home.

We are sorry for any confusions that might have occurred in the past few weeks.