Wurzburg - Congress Centrum, Germany

Venue Address: Pleichertorstraße, 97070 Würzburg, Germany
Official Website: http://www.wuerzburg.de/ccw
Wurzburg - Congress Centrum, Germany

Räume und Flächen - Würzburg Tagungen

Congress Center Würzburg - rooms and areas.

3 levels.

Nine variably combinable conference and seminar rooms as well as the heart, the Franconia hall –.

In the backstage area of the Franconia hall there are four other small rooms that can serve as artist dressing rooms or organizational offices.

The building has four entrances (A-D), which can be accessed from any side, including the underground car park, main station or tram stop at \"Congress Centrum\".

There are four foyers that can be connected to other rooms or areas.

The square (515m2) can be connected with the large entry foyer A+B (991m2).

The panorama level foyer measures 149m2 and can be connected with adjoining rooms 10+11, which measure 355m2.

You can use the foyer areas as an addition to your booked rooms.

Ruckermainstrasse 297070 Wurzburg Tel.

Am Congress CentrumTurmgasse 1197070 WürzburgTel.