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China Guangzhou International Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Exhibition 2022

From September 20, 2022 until September 22, 2022

Guangzhou International Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Exhibition Guangzhou

The China Guangzhou International Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Exhibition taking place at the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex of Guangzhou displays the whole process chain of non-ferrous metals, such as copper, aluminium, magnesium, etc., beginning with mining equipment and technologies as well as raw materials up to the production process and the corresponding semi-finished and finished products. The target visitor groups are buyers and decision-makers from the construction, machinery, metallurgy, automobile industry, etc. About 250 international exhibitors present their products and services to a qualified audience of thousands of visitors. The exhibition center where the fair takes place is the largest and most modern fair complex in Asia. Therefore it offers plenty of space for such great events. There is ample parking available around the fair complex.

Product Categories:

1. Large copper production enterprises image display, Copper smelting technology, and process, Raw materials for copper processing, Brand promotion.

2. Copper processing products(Copper tube, pipe, valve, sanitary ware, and other copper hardware, etc.).

3. New section copper material and products applied in hi-tech industries, IT, electron, aerospace, auto, household appliance, construction material, electric power, etc.

4. Copper processing equipment (tube, bar, plate, wire, etc), Kiln equipment, smelting equipment, automatic control system and equipment, inspection equipment, analytical instruments, and surface spread equipment.

5. Reclamation technology and equipment of wasted copper, environmental protection technology and equipment during copper production, as well as copper products packing equipment.

6. Copper casting, die casting, production technology and equipment; copper products packaging equipment

7. Copper valves, copper pipelines, copper pipe fittings, bath appliances, and other copper Hardware products.

8. Auxiliary materials for production of nonferrous metals (chemicals, solvents, refractory, material, intermediate alloy, gas, water, oil), etc.

9. Raw Materials of non-ferrous metals: copper, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zinc-lead, nickel, molybdenum, silicon, antimony, tin, chromium, tungsten, tantalum and indium, magnetic materials, exotic materials, rare earth materials, noble metal materials and different kinds of alloy materials, etc.

10. New technologies, new products in all kinds of large-scale copper material markets and product applications.

11. Non-ferrous Metal Products (Primary, semi-finished, finished products): Copper products (tubular products, plates, sheet materials, steel bars, belt materials, bar stocks, and alloy products, etc.); aluminum products (aluminum alloy section bars, tubular products, steel bars, plates, belt materials, foil materials, aluminum flakes, aluminum ingots, etc.); titanium alloy products; magnesium alloy products; powder metallurgy products, etc.

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