Suzhou Machine Tool Exhibition(SME)

Suzhou Machine Tool Exhibition(SME)
From March 18, 2020 until March 21, 2020
Suzhou - Suzhou International Expo Center, China
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

Suzhou Machine Tool Exhibition_Suzhou Machine Tool Exhibition Time_Suzhou Machinery Exhibition_Suzhou Machine Tool Exhibition_SME Suzhou Machine Tool Exhibition

Seminar on International Machine Tool & Smart Manufacturing

SMT International Machine Tool and Intelligent Manufacturing seminar, the training content mainly to expound on the basic concepts and trends of intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0. It covers the meaning of Industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing, modern theories, methods, and machine tool numerical control systems. There are typically 4 parts. The report not only conforms to current trends but also discusses systematically and focusedly key technologies that enable machine tool innovation. Knowledge is power. However, it can only be improved and made more efficient by being integrated into a system.

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Suzhou Machine Tool Exhibition(SME)

Suzhou Machine Tool Exhibition(SME) attracted 40,271 professional visitors from more than 430 domestic and foreign key enterprises such as institute of nanotechnology, Chinese academy of sciences, China shipbuilding industry, Siemens, Panasonic, Mejia sanitary ware, BRIMA UK and same corporation.

SME has a significant influence on the radiation of Jiangsu, and the proportion of the audience from Jiangsu, Xichang and other places are as high as 85%. At the same time, the proportion from machine tools, 3C electronics, mechanical processing, light industrial machinery, textile machinery, metallurgical machinery, petrochemical industry, medical equipment, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, Marine engineering, and other application industries exceeded 93.31%. 

In response to rapid development of Suzhou manufacturing strong demand, from hundreds of top domestic and foreign exhibitors will gather in SME Suzhou machine tool exhibition, displaying the latest high-end, intelligent, diversified machine intelligent equipment and solutions, for production and processing enterprises, dealers and purchasers around, broaden the channels, update equipment, such as one-stop procurement services, upgrade power to Suzhou and Jiangsu manufacturing industry innovation.


Product Categories:
  • Metal cutting machine tools exhibition area
    Lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, boring machine, grinding machine, grinding center, processing
  • Metal forming machine tools exhibition area
    Shearing machine, bending machine, pipe bender, hydraulic press, rolling machine, blanking
  • The smart factory exhibition area
    Automatic control system, automatic detection system, automatic control system
  • Measuring and cutting tools exhibition area
    Milling cutter, turning tool, reamer, gear shaper cutter, drill bit, caliper, gauge
  • The exhibition area of machine tool accessories
    Protective cover, towing chain, center frame, fixture, spindle, abrasive tool, chip removal
  • Suzhou cutting chamber exhibition area
    Sandvik, Walter, aircraft, and hundreds of other big-name exhibitors


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Suzhou - Suzhou International Expo Center, China Suzhou - Suzhou International Expo Center, China


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