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VIV Qingdao 2021

VIV Qingdao

VIV Qingdao

Since entering China in 2000, VIV has always insisted on the proportion of internationalization, the degree of brand and the rate of trade achievement higher than the average level of the industry, and developed together with China's livestock industry, becoming a bridge connecting the whole global industry chain from feed to food, such as pigs, poultry, milk and aquatic products. With the gradual transformation of the industry in recent years, VIV China exhibition has also entered a new round of reform and development.

Overall upgrade of exhibition content scale: exhibition area of 5000 m2, 600+ exhibitors, is expected to receive more than 30000 professional visitors;

High-end innovative forms of exchange, deep integration of resources, domestic and overseas dialogue upgrade, leading the way to the development of the industry! More than 20 BBS activities were held to deeply analyze the current situation of global industrial development, and jointly discuss the problems of China's livestock development, so as to truly realize the intercommunication between China and the whole industrial chain of pigs, poultry, milk and aquatic products "from feed to food".More than 200 Industry leaders from around the world will be invited to share their successful experience and analyze the global development trend.

InnovAction new product exhibition, animal welfare concept exhibition, international breeding pig characteristic exhibition area, academic cooperation exhibition area, enterprise lecture hall and other theme exhibition activities, wonderful!

In addition, VIV will further exert its advantages in the field of trade promotion, reach cooperation with domestic and foreign media and industry institutions, and further improve trade matching services. Through specialized teams and global core buyer database, it will conduct in-depth exploration and directional invitation of buyers' purchasing intention, and complete accurate matching on the exhibition site. Organize supporting activities and services such as in-depth investigation of enterprises, talent recruitment, and industry commendation.


Qingdao animal husbandry transformation and upgrading development to help rural revitalization

Shandong province is a major province of animal husbandry in China, with the total output of meat, eggs, and milk accounting for about one-tenth of the country, ranking the first in China for many years, and the export of animal products accounting for more than 40% of the country. Shandong province is an important animal husbandry production and processing export base in China, with a solid foundation of animal husbandry industry, which contains broad development prospects and market opportunities. Located at the southern end of Shandong peninsula, Qingdao is a unique coastal city with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.

Modern animal husbandry is an important industry to promote rural revitalization. In recent years, Qingdao has firmly established the concept of green development, focused on the development direction of scale, industrialization, ecology, and brand, actively promoted the supply-side structural reform of animal husbandry and the "one industry, one policy" action plan, and further promoted the transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry.

At present, Qingdao has more than 2,400 standardized farms and will build and rebuild 50 more next year. The output of livestock products from large-scale farms will account for nearly 90% of the city's total livestock products. Standardized scale farms not only reduce personnel input and energy consumption per unit breeding area but also ensure product quality and safety.

In recent years, the city's livestock sector from production to industry to support leading livestock enterprises to extend the industrial chain, achieve the integration of production, processing, marketing development. City animal husbandry bureau also actively to create a well-known livestock brand. Currently, there are 335 pollution-free animal products in the city, accounting for 23% of the province. In 2019, more than 20 pollution-free animal products will be cultivated.


Shandong Qingdao's important strategic position into the west coast of Qingdao national new district

Shandong province is a large province of animal husbandry in China and an important production and processing and export base of animal husbandry in China. Qingdao, its economic center, is a major international trade port city in China, a major node city of the new Eurasian continental bridge economic corridor and a strategic fulcrum of maritime cooperation. It has the perfect urban infrastructure and comprehensive services and hosts many global activities and conferences every year.

Qingdao west coast new area (west coast new area for short), located in Qingdao city, Shandong province, China, is a state-level new area with the theme of Marine economic development. On June 3, 2014, the state council of China officially approved the establishment of Qingdao west coast new area, becoming the ninth national new area in China.

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