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Wuhan International Children, Baby, Maternity Expo & Stroller Fair( BME)

From March 06, 2020 09:00 until March 08, 2020 18:00

Wuhan International Children, Baby, Maternity Expo & Stroller Fair( BME)

Wuhan International Children, Baby, Maternity Expo & Stroller Fair

The fifth plenary session of the 18th central committee of the communist party of China (CPC) central committee decided to "fully implement the two-child policy".The announcement caused a storm, with many couples of child-bearing age lamenting the policy as "timely".The pregnant, infant and child industry is a cross-industry and cross-sector comprehensive industrial group divided from the age of the population. It is a consumer industrial system formed to meet the needs of pregnant and pregnant women and infant and child users from 0 to 12 years old, such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, use, entertainment, and entertainment. With the increasing consumption power of young parents in the new era and the changing concept of childcare, as well as favorable factors such as the comprehensive opening of China's two-child policy, the maternal and child market is still becoming a hot topic. Meanwhile, under the influence of "Internet +", China's maternal and child market is stepping into a fast track of rapid development. It is expected that the market size of maternal and child industry will grow at an average annual rate of more than 15%, and the market is expected to reach 4 trillion yuan. In addition, maternal and child consumption is becoming more and more high-quality, and the trend of consumption upgrading is becoming more and more obvious.

Hanchuan city, Hubei province, is the "buggy capital of central China".After nearly 30 years of development, henchman children's stroller from simple stroller to brand stroller, small workshop to big enterprise, after years of changes, completed the magnificent transformation, become one of the pillar industries of the city, is ranked only next to Shanghai and Guangdong's five big children's stroller base first three. Data show that the size of the pregnant, infant and child market in central China is growing at a high speed of more than 28% per year, occupying the huge consumer market in central China, which is equivalent to occupying half of China. Wuhan is China's largest commodity distribution center, is also the country's largest commodity wholesale market, the country's emerging central city, its radiation driving role is increasingly important. Central to promote: children's industry development, the Asian federation of preschool education union, the Asia-pacific toy enterprise, Guangdong Hongxing international exhibition group co., LTD, Wu Hanhong countries rich exhibition co., LTD to undertake the "Wuhan International Children,Baby,Maternity Expo & Stroller Fair" (hereinafter referred to as BME) will be held in China Wuhan international exhibition center. The expo aims to provide a platform for communication, trade and cooperation for the pregnant, infant and child industry in central China, to provide high-quality services for the industry colleagues, to further promote the healthy development of the infant and child industry, and to provide broader space for the development of brand and specialization of the industry.

Product Categories:
  • Maternal and infant products: baby feeding products, cleaning, and disinfection products, cleaning and care products, baby electric appliances, safety products, travel supplies, baby gifts, baby wipes, baby diapers, zipper pants, bottle pacifiers, health care products, electronic products, safety products, mother products, etc.;
  • Baby products: baby food and health food, milk powder, complimentary food, health and nutrition, organic food, organic health, and nutrition, etc.;
  • Baby carriage: baby carriage furniture, baby furniture, bedding and accessories, baby chair, baby walker, cradle, baby car safety seat, tricycle, bicycle, etc.
  • Baby clothes: baby underwear, shoes, and accessories, home textiles, etc.;
  • Baby and child entertainment: toys, amusement facilities, photography, souvenir production, etc.
  • Infant and child education: teaching AIDS, books, electronic products and early education, preschool education and other service agencies;
  • Maternal and child services: special products for pregnant and lying-in women and children, and maternity and child hospitals;
  • Maternal and infant e-commerce: an e-commerce provider of products and services for pregnant women, infants and children.


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