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China(Shenzhen) International Sealing MATERIAL Exhibition

From September 20, 2019 09:00 until September 22, 2019 18:00

China(Shenzhen) International Sealing MATERIAL Exhibition

About The Exhibition

Shenzhen city as one of China's four major first-tier cities, national regional central cities, national innovative city, the international high-tech innovation center city, the new and high technology industries in China, financial services, foreign trade, ocean transportation, high-end industry, real estate industry occupies an important position in the various fields, such as scientific and technological innovation in China, electronics industry, industrial automation and other aspects of shoulder the important mission of test and demonstration.

With the continuous strengthening of China's high-tech enterprises, especially electronics, automotive, petroleum, chemical and other fields of vigorous development, the next few years, sealing material products industry will continue to maintain the ultra-high rate of growth, we wait and see.

By extension exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD., special electronic materials branch of China electronic association, Shenzhen machinery industry association and other units at the "China (Shenzhen) international sealing material products exhibition" will be held in Shenzhen international convention and exhibition center grand, exhibition area of 20000 square meters, is expected to we believe that this event will be for our machinery, electronics, and other industrial enterprises and research institutions in the international trade, marketing, industrial investment, technology development, and transfer play a substantial role.

By the organizer of the professional data platform for the national, provincial, city and the relevant scientific research units, aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, automobile, electric power, shipbuilding, war industry, metallurgy, reshipment, food machinery, textile, machine, sewing, railway, elevator, instrument, communication equipment, communication, electrical, industrial application, medical equipment and other industries the company executives who use and research and development of "seal products" application technology research, international exchanges, promote the competitiveness of the industry as a whole, to promote and improve the level of application and manufacture of sealing products.

This exhibition belongs to the special exhibition of Shenzhen international science and technology innovation exhibition, focusing on creating an exhibition platform for merchants in various professional fields to integrate into the economic circle of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao greater bay area.

Product Categories:

◆ static seals, dynamic seals, and seals:

Ptfe seal, mechanical seal, bellows seal, seal gasket, nuclear grade (non-nuclear) seals, hydraulic oil seal, seal ring, valve, bearing, silicon carbide, bushings, cladding gasket, metal ring gasket, alloy ring, ladder ring, pall ring and static ring, ring, valve seal, all kinds of oil seal, rubber gasket, rubber seals, rubber seal, U, Y type ring, o-rings, composite gasket, rubber diaphragm, rubber, nylon plate, nylon rods, rubber seals, rubber seals, metal seals, sealing, flexible graphite packing static seal, all kinds of hydraulic engineering with seal and rubber parts, V type oil seal, rubber miscellaneousPiece, lip type seal, combination seal gasket, extrusion type seal, reciprocating sealing, valve tube seal, elastic graphite seal, elastic graphite flake, sealing element, sealing lap ring, all kinds of rotary joints, etc.

◆ seals:

Dry gas seal, hydraulic seal, pneumatic seal and seal power transmission, rotating seal, magnetic fluid seal, floating oil seal, mechanical seal and framework oil seal, fluid sealing, compressor seal, chemical sealing, sealing, electric locomotive with seal, pump kettle seal, pump (valve) pipeline sealing, ceramic seal, bellows seal, piston seal and seal spring, etc

◆ sealing material

Packing, metal winding gasket, asbestos gasket, asbestos gasket, tooth-type gasket, graphite composite gasket, waveform pad, conical gasket, oval pad, flexible graphite sheet, graphite coil, graphite gasket, asbestos rope, asbestos cloth, oil resistant plate, pipe, bar, filling modification of PTFE sheet, non asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, high-strength graphite plate and other sealing materials

◆ seal production raw materials

Graphite, rubber, nitrile, fluoro rubber, silica gel, resin rubber, polyformaldehyde, oil resistant rubber, polyvinyl chloride, and other sealing materials

◆ sealing processing equipment

Sealing test/measurement equipment, special production devices for sealing, rotary seals (rotary shaft seals), sealing device and auxiliary equipment, etc.



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