China International Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition 2023

China International Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition
From March 16, 2023 until March 19, 2023
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)




ChinaMach - China international machine tool equipment exhibition, founded in 2000, is a famous exhibition of China machine tool equipment industry recognized and supported by the ministry of commerce and Ningbo municipal people's government. It has successively won the honor of "China's most influential industry brand exhibition", "Ningbo city famous brand of service industry", "strong promotion exhibition" of the development plan of the exhibition industry of Ningbo municipal government, "market-leading advantage exhibition" of Ningbo municipal government, and won the honor of "ministry of commerce guidance and support exhibition" of 2014 and 2015 for two consecutive years.

Product Categories:
■ machine tool equipment exhibition area:

Metal cutting machine tools: machining center, CNC machine tools, milling machines, grinding machines, sewing machines, drilling machines, electrical processing/wire cutting and other mold processing equipment, engraving machines;

Metal forming machine: punching machine/forging machine/die casting machine/cold heading machine, hardware processing equipment;

■ laser processing/sheet metal equipment exhibition area:

Laser cutting, flame/plasma cutting, all kinds of welding equipment, shears, shears, bending machines, pipe bending machines;

■ measuring tools/machine parts/factory equipment exhibition area:

All kinds of cutting tools, measuring tools, molds, abrasive tools, abrasives, and other peripheral wear and tear goods;

Machine tool CNC system/transmission/feed chip discharge/motor/fixture and other functional components;

Handling equipment, automatic warehouse, industrial furnace, heat treatment, coating/electroplating equipment;

Testing equipment, automatic single machine, machine tool accessories, factory logistics equipment and three-dimensional warehouse;

■ robot/intelligent processing exhibition area:

Robots and functional parts/development platform/software/supporting equipment, industrial robot application solutions, AGV/ trolley, etc.

Intelligent processing/intelligent factory equipment, automation equipment, flexible processing technology, automatic production line;

Robot accessories: sensor, gun changer, cable harness, pipe wrap, connector, encoder, lithium battery, rack, etc.

Robot application equipment: visual equipment, guide rail, laser/welding/spraying/cutting equipment;

Industrial automation control system (PLG, SCADA, etc.), the assembly and handling system, linear positioning system, measuring and testing system, sensors and actuators, machine vision technology and equipment, transmission/mechanical drive system, servo motor and frequency converter, electric control system and switch equipment, wire and cable accessories, industrial automation, information technology and software;Intelligent measurement and control technology (nondestructive testing), additive manufacturing (3D printing);

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Venue Map and Hotels Around

Ningbo - Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, China Ningbo - Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, China


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